First Shabbos In CGI 5778!

This week flew by way too fast! The campers got ready for Shabbos right after another awesome day of learning and activities, when the campers tidied their bunk houses, called home, and got ready for bedside inspection.  The preparations concluded with an amazing learning class, and then everyone headed towards the Shul for Mincha.

The energy during Maariv was on fire as every bunk was chosen to pick a tune for each segment of Lecha Dodi! After heading towards the dining room to eat a delicious meal, the energy from Maariv quadrupled as everyone sang and classic Camp songs and danced to lively Nigunim. The atmosphere was indescribable; the Achdus, the smiles, the inspiration.

Shachris was bright and early, and the Davening was remarkable too! The Seuda was incredible, just like the night before, and following benching was learning class, a Farbrengen snd then the first MBP! It was mind blowing to see how the majority of the camp participated, and invested almost two hours to learn Mishnayos, and how much could be accomplished in that amount of time! The campers were rewarded with tickets for Rebbe pictures and to a Nosh station, and then they headed to the dining room for Shalosh Seudos.  Shamryonkie this week got the entire camp rolling on the floor with laughter, as our Night Activity directors highlighted the week in an original humorous way.

After heading to Maariv, and hearing Havdalah the campers sat down to watch this weeks review created by Videographer Mordy Levilev, which concluded Shabbos with wishes for another unbelievable, and exciting week in Gan Yisroel!


GGI Awesomeness! (Day 3)

Day 3 was quite a whirlwind. There was so much fun going on it just was a blur! The day started of course with a smashing Shachris, scrumptious breakfast, and some awesome learning classes. Sports was intense; another set of basketball, baseball, football, and hockey games. Meanwhile some of the campers went down to the lake for the first time this summer to go boating in camps beautiful lake! They were first given safety rules by the head lifeguard, and then were given lifejackets and set off into the water for some fun! After some more activities, lunch, and canteen  the campers headed back to learning class, then to Mincha, and then to the dining room for a delicious Supper. 6th grade division had an unbelievable BBQ, and dodgeball game, as they sang their cheer over and over again! Then came night activity. Oh boy, it was crazy! This grand game of minute to win it was played in a way the campers have never seen before! From sorting out cut out pieces of cereal boxes into a puzzle, to tossing mentos in to coke bottles, and then Davening Maariv, saying Kriyas Shema and heading to bed, last night was quite a night!


Wow! What A Day! (Day 2)

As the flag was raised, and Psukim were recited with such energy, the whole Gan Yisroel could feel that it was going to be a memorable day! The first Shachris was smashing, and so was Benching after an amazing hot breakfast. The Chayus just flowed from one part of the day to the next! Learning classes started with a bang as all the campers gathered excitedly to listen to the Learning directors speeches, and to be split up into classes with unbelievable learning teachers. Activities kicked off with a hockey game in the shul, baseball, soccer, football and  basketball in the camps brand new courts! Before everyone knew it all campers headed to the Shul for Mincha and then the dining room for dinner and were told about a special night activity in the Shul. Bewildered everyone ran in to find a special in house entertainer, and comedian John Pizzi who kept the entire floor rolling with laughter from beginning to end with his hilarious sense of humor and comical puppets, not to mention an actual staff member that was used as one… And then Maariv and Kriyas Shema was recited and honestly it’s fair to assume all the campers crashed as soon as their heads hit their pillows.

One…Two…Three…BLAST OFF!!! (Day 1)

Wow! Time flies! It seems like just days ago we ended the grand banquet and bid our friends goodbye, only to realize we were right back on the busses for Gan Yisroel 5778! Upon arriving on the bus, Rabbi Shemtov spoke to us about the Rebbes view on camp, which was a great preparation for the summer. Just as we jumped off the bus, we could feel the energetic vibe; the Chayus and liveliness, and of course some delicious snacks. We started with an exciting introduction by our dear head staff in the Shul, and concluded the meeting with a grand announcement of our counselors. After being whisked off to our bunks to unpack and then heading to the dining room to eat a scrumptious supper, we bounced right back in to the Shul for the night activity launch! Oh, you should’ve seen the energy in that room as we sang and danced to this years theme song! Night activity concluded with camps famous MBP system, and before we all knew it, we Davened Maariv, said Kriyas Shema, and headed off to bed to rest up for another unbelievable day in Gan Yisroel. Wow, time really does fly when having fun!