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First day of CGI Summer 5773!

Below are photos of the first day of Camp Gan Israel, Summer of 5773!

Click on continue reading below to view the complete gallery. Stay tuned for more.


IMG_3003-1024x682 IMG_2693 IMG_2903

IMG_2910 IMG_2917 IMG_2940 IMG_2952  IMG_2961 IMG_2966   IMG_2983 IMG_2984IMG_2954 IMG_2989 IMG_2991 IMG_3002 IMG_3011 IMG_3015 IMG_3021 IMG_2698 IMG_2700 IMG_2702 IMG_2706 IMG_2707 IMG_2711 IMG_2717 IMG_2728 IMG_2731 IMG_2743 IMG_2748 IMG_2758 IMG_2771 IMG_2774 IMG_2810 IMG_2820 IMG_2829 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2855 IMG_2862 IMG_2863 IMG_2865 IMG_2867 IMG_2869 IMG_2874 IMG_2878 IMG_2882 IMG_2884 IMG_2887 IMG_2892 IMG_2896 IMG_2897