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CGI Reunion 5774 / 2014

camp gan israel logoCampers and staff of Camp Gan Israel, Parkville, NY, gathered on Sunday for a glorious Camp reunion. Campers sat down to a sumptuous pizza feast followed by a beautiful rally, in which the 12 pesukim were said and songs were sung.
Campers were then treated to a dazzling magic show after which they were each given their very own snack box.

The last stop of the evening was arts & crafts, where campers enjoyed making their very own “silly putty”.

The Program ended with raffles and prizes. An exclusive raffle was held for the campers who participated “Gan Yisreol Elite: Yud Shvat” a 4 week program that helped campers prepare for the special day.

We would like to thank all the Campers & Staff for joing us for joining and making the reunion the success that it was.

We looking forward to seeing you all for summer 5774.

Pictures in the full article.