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BMD Ice Skating & Pizza

BMD recently enjoyed a unique Ice Skating trip complete with a Pizza lunch. CGI is very excited to have Ashi Greenberg & Shmully Wolff lead the Parksville’s BMD Program for the year of 5774.


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Trip to Skate Estate :)

This past Thursday, saw the entire main division of camp go on a trip to the amazing Skate Estate. Campers enjoyed skating, mini golf, laser tag and and a giant water slide.


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Video: First day in CGI 5774!

The “sunrise of Camp Gan Israel in Parksville 5774” in this video of the first day in Camp.

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Welcome to Camp Gan Israel

Welcome to the website of Camp Gan Israel for the summer of 5774! We hope you enjoy visiting and following all the latest developments for this year’s Camp in Parksville. Please drop us a line for if you have any questions, comments or constructive criticism. Enjoy the first batch of photos.


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Technical Difficulties

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with managing and updating the website. We are working on solution and hope to rectify the situation shortly. Check back later today for an update on this year’s MBP Program, BMD Division’s Ice Skating trip, Regular Camp’s Skate Estate trip, and more photos of what is just the beginning, of what will be an amazing summer at Camp Gan Yisroel Parksville.

Buses line Eastern Parkway

Seven buses lined Eastern Parkway this morning with hundreds of excited campers eagerly awaiting to board the buses which will be taking them up to the Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, New York.


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Excited campers boarded coach buses and waved goodbye to their parents Tuesday, departing for Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, NY.


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On Monday June 23rd for those who scheduled luggage pickup there will be two trucks picking up the luggage throughout Crown Heights.

On June 24 Buses are scheduled to leave from 770 at 11:00AM please arrive at least one hour before in order to insure a timely departure .

For those who are dropping of campers at Camp, please arrive by noon, check in to the camp office and and see Mrs. Shoshana Minkowicz.

For further assistance  please call 718-774-4805.

9 Things to Do before Your Children Leave for Summer Camp

1. Wish your children an unbelievable,  happy summer.  They’re going to have one!  But knowing you’re supporting them 100% just makes it that much better— particularly for first time campers.  Remind them of all the fun they’re going to have.  Let them know that you can’t wait to hear about it in their letters, and that you’ll be monitoring the camp’s website daily for blogs and photographs in addition to sending them letters and email.

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