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Registration 2017 / 5777

Camp Gan Israel NY registration 2016

5777 – 2017

1st trip: Wednesday JUNE 28 (ד׳ בְּתַמּוּז)—Tuesday JULY 25 (ב׳ בְּאָב)
2nd trip: Tuesday JULY 25 (ב׳ בְּאָב)—Monday AUGUST 21 (כ״ט בְּאָב)

Camp Video nearly completed.

The Camp DVD Video is going through it’s final editing stages. In order to estimate the amount of copies to be produced, please send us an email to campvideo@campganisrael.com and write “I want the Camp Video” and you will receive an email update of when the video is ready to be shipped.

Goodbye Gan Yisroel….


A successful summer came to a close at Camp Gan Israel , with a festive banquet with songs and cherished memories.

Rosh Yeshiva Arrives Early


















Veteran Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yisroel Friedman came to Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, NY, days ahead of Yarchei Kallah. Here’s why.

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Canteen now accepting PayPal payments


The Canteen is now accepting PayPal payments towards camper canteen accounts. Canteen funds will be available within one business day. Funds can be used for canteen purchases only.

Message from the Director:

Dear parents,

As we have stated in the previous years, Camp Gan Israel does not allow food /nosh shipments to campers. The kitchen provides ample food for all campers and staff 3 times a day, and for any supplement snacks that one would like we have a canteen and vending machines for the campers to purchase from. Outside food brings multiple problems, one is that we don’t have control on the food consumption and the time that they are eating their snacks, which leads them not to be hungry at mealtime and hence not eating by the meals. Another problem is, unrestricted food in the bunkhouse leads to rodents and other unwanted guests which is obviously not welcomed in the bunk houses. An additional factor is, sending in food packages creates jealousy among campers who are not so fortunate to receive packages, and it’s self-understood that this creates an negative atmosphere.

I Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy summer.

Rabbi Yossie Futerfas

CGI NY Announces Head Staff

Gan Yisroel Parksville has announced their head staff for the upcoming summer of 5776.

“In what promises to be an extraordinary year, the camp in the Catskills is primed to build on the more than 60 years of experience and tradition, to deliver a carefully crafted camping experience imbued with Chassidishkeit and fun,” directors said.

The divisions, catering for boys aged 7 through 13, has been expanded and improved, maintaining Gan Yisroel Parksville’s high standards.

Returning as senior Head Counselor is Rabbi Nachman Dov Vichnin.

The exciting programs will this year be run by experienced head counselors, Moshe Denburg– Coral Springs, Florida, Yisroel Yarmak -Crown Heights and Mendel Zaltzman – Toronto, Canada.

Learning Directors, Mendy Schapiro– Sydney, Australia and Mendy Klein– Manchester, England.

The incredible Bar Mitzvah Division from last year has been enhanced with the hiring of dedicated head staff, Mendy Kirszenberg– Flatbush New York, Menachem Loebenstein– Melbourne, Australia and Naftali Junik– Crown Heights.

NOD head Sholom Loebenstein – Melbourne, Australia

Camp Reunion photos 2016

Camp Gan Israel NY registration 2016

In honor of the 60th year since the establishment of Gan Yisroel Parksville, the camp held an outstanding reunion where counselors and campers came together, once again, indulging in Achdus. The live music and exiting magician helped entertain the campers as they ate their scrumptious meal, consisting of delicious pizza, fries, soda and nosh.

The campers were honored with the presence of Rabbi Shemtov, who spoke about the Rebbe’s personal interest in Gan Yisroel Parksville and the importance that the Rebbe placed on making Hakel gatherings. Additionally, the 12 pesukim were recited by the campers with tremendous enthusiasm and excitement.

Every camper eagerly received a complementary custom-made water bottle, with the Gan Yisroel Parksville camp logo, and a camp journal. Additionally, the camp organized a picture booth, where campers had the opportunity to take pictures with their councilors and friends.

To end off the evening, the campers watched a professionally made video presentation of the Bar Mitzvah Division (BMD), followed by a grand raffle including an electric scooter, Ipod Touch and many more prizes.

A massive thank you to the director, Rabbi Yossie Futerfas, for his tremendous devotion to each individual camper and staff member and to his absolute dedication to Camp Gan Yisroel Parksville.

Camp Reunion 2016 / תשע״ו

Camp Gan Israel NY Reunion 2016

Camp Gan Israel NY Reunion 2016 / תשע״ו

Dear CGI Camper’s & BMD’ers and Staff members of 2015 / 5775.
The first Camp Gan Israel (Machane Gan Yisroel)  Is thrilled to announce that our annual camp reunion will take place this year on י’א שבט , Thursday January 21st, 2016 @ Beis Rivkah 310 Crown St. Brooklyn NY.

We invite invite you to take part in this beautiful gathering and reunite with friends and acquaintances from this past summer who will be traveling to crown heights for  י’ שבט. Campers, BMD’ers and Staff members from all over the world will be joining together, so bring along a friend to join in the fun and reminisce the joys of camp!

The event will be held in Bais Rivkah , 310 Crown Street from 7-9 pm. Please RSVP attendance at reunion2016@campganisrael.com by January 14, 2016
In honor of our 60th year celebrations there will be incredible entertainment in addition to live music and a special video presentation. A sumptuous dinner will be served to all attendees.

Admission $7 @ the door.
Looking forward to seeing all campers from the incredible גן ישראל תשע’ה!  summer season of!

Rabbi Futerfas & The Staff of CGI NY

Camp Video for 2015 / 5775 Shipping Soon

The 2015-5775 camp video is available for purchase with PayPal. The full video is on YouTube and will become available to you through your email account once you have made the purchase. Consisting of 2 parts, it has a run time of 1 hour and 28 minutes. Both the summer’s highlights and the day to day schedule are shown in griping detail that will take you back to the great times we had in  Gan Yisroel.

5776 / 2016

Camp Gan Israel NY registration 2016

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 5776 / 2016 season is now open.
1st trip: Tuesday JULY 5 (29 of Sivan)—Monday AUGUST 1 (26 of Tammuz)
2nd trip: Monday AUGUST 1 (26 of Tammuz)—Monday AUGUST 29 (25 OF Av)

The camper and BMD applications can be downloaded here. Campers that register by Yud Shvat will receive a $25 credit towards the canteen.

Group Photo: 41st Yarchei Kallah


Group Photo:  Yarchei Kallah 41

Group Photo: Yarchei Kallah 41

A short while before Shabbos, the revered participants of the Global Yarchei Kallah summit at Camp Gan Israel NY, stood for a group photo.

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