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Campers Enjoy Bounce Rides


Today was a very exciting day in Gan Yisroel, for a very special activity was arranged, bounce rides. Every devision had a chance to play on the rides even getting wet for some of them, while the BMD devision had their own special activity of flower war.

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Visiting Day


The summer is going by quickly, with the second month’s visiting day taking place today. The campers were visited by their parents, siblings and friends, who enjoyed many fun activities together both on and off camp grounds.

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Erev Shabbos in Gan Yisroel


Friday being the first day of the 9 days, our creative staff came up with some fun water activities being that there is no swimming or boating. After activities campers returned to their bunks to prepare for Shabbos. Some campers had special messages for their parents.

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Campers Enjoy Stunt Show


After a very exciting day of learning and sports campers headed in to the shul for night activity. However no regular night activity awaited them, rather a stunt show, where the campers gazed with excitement as the worlds most dangerous stunts were preformed.

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Sportime USA


It was only the third day of the second session and already, the campers headed on a trip. Snacks were distributed, and busses were loaded as the campers headed to Sportime USA.

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Canteen now accepting PayPal payments


The Canteen is now accepting PayPal payments towards camper canteen accounts. Canteen funds will be available within one business day. Funds can be used for canteen purchases only.

B&W Gallery Three


As the first session comes to an end, we present our third Black and White gallery. Farewells will be said and tears will be shed, as the campers and staff will sit down tonight for their farewell banquet saying good bye to the first session of the summer of 5776.

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Hakhel War Gallery two


All teams presented their plays as the campers and staff watched on, pop corn and drinks in hand, and boy did the staff put on a good show. the following day the winners were announced, non other than team Achdus Yisroel.

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Hakhel War Gallery 1


Campers participated in an exciting “Hakhel War” this week, with teams Kohanim, Achdus Yisroel and Yiras Hashem competing in comedy skits, cheers, and a presentation of each team’s theme song.

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BMD Enjoys Bonfire


In the soft glow of the camp fire, the campers from BMD enjoyed a night of song and unity as they entered the last week of session 1.

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60 Years CGI Ellenville


On Friday afternoon, a group set out from Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, NY, to the very first site of the first overnight Chabad boys camp.

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Roller Skating



Today was a real exciting one here in Gan Yisroel as all devisions traveled to Rollerink for some amazing roller skating and arcades. The 5th grade devision, dressed up in pajamas to add a unique and fun spin to the trip. after skating the campers were treated to some fresh doughnuts and headed straight back to camp for learning classes.

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Campers enjoy Acrobat Show


In most camps a fast day is a lazy day, but not in our camp, for a spectacular acrobat show was arranged where campers and staff watched on as the acrobats put on a fantastic show even teaching them some of their acrobatic tricks and a great time was had by all.

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B&W Series Gallery Two


After a week of fun, learning, and trips, we present to you the second gallery of our Black & White series. Please enjoy and have a wonderful shabbos, as your children will have one too.

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Six Flags!


After a good night sleep campers awoke to a a breakout, no, not bog war, but the grand trip!

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Message from the Director:

Dear parents,

As we have stated in the previous years, Camp Gan Israel does not allow food /nosh shipments to campers. The kitchen provides ample food for all campers and staff 3 times a day, and for any supplement snacks that one would like we have a canteen and vending machines for the campers to purchase from. Outside food brings multiple problems, one is that we don’t have control on the food consumption and the time that they are eating their snacks, which leads them not to be hungry at mealtime and hence not eating by the meals. Another problem is, unrestricted food in the bunkhouse leads to rodents and other unwanted guests which is obviously not welcomed in the bunk houses. An additional factor is, sending in food packages creates jealousy among campers who are not so fortunate to receive packages, and it’s self-understood that this creates an negative atmosphere.

I Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy summer.

Rabbi Yossie Futerfas

Campers enjoy Hypnotist Show


After a long day of sports learning classes and other exiting activities campers gathered in the shul for the most exciting

night activity yet, a hypnotist show. Staff assembled on the stage and acted the silliest ever as the campers laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

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Visiting Day


Parents and siblings visited their relatives in Gan Yisroel on the first visiting day of this summer season.

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