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Sunday in Gan Yisroel

Coming off of an inspiring Shabbos filled with MBP, learning, davening, and singing, camp started the new week with amazing chayus. Sunday was filled with non-stop fun. From the start of leagues, to the Shabbos competition trip, to an interactive night activity, where the whole camp got involved in a grand game of minute-to-win-it, where different tasks have to be accomplished in under a minute for your team to get the point. Stay tuned for more articles filled with the exciting happenings in CGI!!


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Day 2- Gan Yisroel Parksville

As the campers started adjusting to the bustling camp schedule, they were assigned to their learning classes in which they immediately started learning with some of the best and most dedicated learning teachers out there. Continue reading

First Day in Camp

Camp started with a bang as the buses rolled away from Eastern Parkway on Wednesday morning as the campers headed off to the best summer in their life.
As they came into camp, they were greeted by warm smiling faces, and scrumptious danishes and cold milk, after which they headed into the shul for head counselor orientation and then divided into their respective bunks, where they were sent to unpack and meet their counselors (who are BTW, the best counselors camp ever had.) With a delicious dinner of (you guessed it) chicken and rice, they ate up and headed off to night activity where they were entertained by hilarious videos. Gan Yisroel’s first lights out went flawlessly as the campers settled into their beds after an exhausting day of fun. GOOD NIGHT GAN YISROEL and stay tuned for more exciting activities in the upcoming days.
~Boruch Moshe Sherman

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Registration 2017 / 5777

Camp Gan Israel NY registration 2016

5777 – 2017

1st trip: Wednesday JUNE 28 (ד׳ בְּתַמּוּז)—Tuesday JULY 25 (ב׳ בְּאָב)
2nd trip: Tuesday JULY 25 (ב׳ בְּאָב)—Monday AUGUST 21 (כ״ט בְּאָב)

Camp Video nearly completed.

The Camp DVD Video is going through it’s final editing stages. In order to estimate the amount of copies to be produced, please send us an email to and write “I want the Camp Video” and you will receive an email update of when the video is ready to be shipped.

Goodbye Gan Yisroel….


A successful summer came to a close at Camp Gan Israel , with a festive banquet with songs and cherished memories.

Time Flies When Having Fun


Our sages tell us that time flies when your having fun, apparently a lot of of fun was had this summer. Sports, water activities and biking in the Rebbe’s forest are only a few examples.

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The Grand Trip


Campers and staff boarded luxuries busses and headed to a indoor water park rented out by Gan Yisroel alone.

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Campers commemorate Chof Av


It’s not every day that 9 coach busses pull up on Francis Lewis Blvd, well yesterday was different. Campers and staff boarded comfortable coach busses en rout to the Oihel and 770 to commemorate Chof Av the Yartzeit of the Rebbe’s Father.

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Rosh Yeshiva Arrives Early


















Veteran Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yisroel Friedman came to Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, NY, days ahead of Yarchei Kallah. Here’s why.

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Grand Sing


After days of preparation and weeks of anticipation, campers and staff  of both teams gathered in the shul for the grand sing of 5776.

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Color War!


“We knew it the whole time” chanted all the campers as color war 5776 was broken out. The campers were divided in to two teams, team Cheishek in red and team Tmidiyus in blue.

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Staff Play


After a exciting dance night, campers and staff gathered on the soccer field for the long awaited staff play. With pop corn and drinks in hand campers watched in awe as the staff put on a show to remember.

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Dance Night


Last night was a really exacting one, the night cicked off with a surprise performance by CGI alumni Boruch Shalom Blesofsky. stay tuned to find out what happened next.

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Campers enjoy Overnight


With the counselors toiling over the grills to make a delicious barbecue supper, the campers sang and ate and had the best ‘bivouac’ ever!

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