Wow! What A Day! (Day 2)

As the flag was raised, and Psukim were recited with such energy, the whole Gan Yisroel could feel that it was going to be a memorable day! The first Shachris was smashing, and so was Benching after an amazing hot breakfast. The Chayus just flowed from one part of the day to the next! Learning classes started with a bang as all the campers gathered excitedly to listen to the Learning directors speeches, and to be split up into classes with unbelievable learning teachers. Activities kicked off with a hockey game in the shul, baseball, soccer, football and  basketball in the camps brand new courts! Before everyone knew it all campers headed to the Shul for Mincha and then the dining room for dinner and were told about a special night activity in the Shul. Bewildered everyone ran in to find a special in house entertainer, and comedian John Pizzi who kept the entire floor rolling with laughter from beginning to end with his hilarious sense of humor and comical puppets, not to mention an actual staff member that was used as one… And then Maariv and Kriyas Shema was recited and honestly it’s fair to assume all the campers crashed as soon as their heads hit their pillows.

One…Two…Three…BLAST OFF!!! (Day 1)

Wow! Time flies! It seems like just days ago we ended the grand banquet and bid our friends goodbye, only to realize we were right back on the busses for Gan Yisroel 5778! Upon arriving on the bus, Rabbi Shemtov spoke to us about the Rebbes view on camp, which was a great preparation for the summer. Just as we jumped off the bus, we could feel the energetic vibe; the Chayus and liveliness, and of course some delicious snacks. We started with an exciting introduction by our dear head staff in the Shul, and concluded the meeting with a grand announcement of our counselors. After being whisked off to our bunks to unpack and then heading to the dining room to eat a scrumptious supper, we bounced right back in to the Shul for the night activity launch! Oh, you should’ve seen the energy in that room as we sang and danced to this years theme song! Night activity concluded with camps famous MBP system, and before we all knew it, we Davened Maariv, said Kriyas Shema, and headed off to bed to rest up for another unbelievable day in Gan Yisroel. Wow, time really does fly when having fun!

Registration information 5778 / 2018

Dear parents,

Due to increased demand we will be opening registration on the 2nd day of Chanukah, Thursday 26 of Kislev, December 14 2017.

Registration will be open for both the main camp and for the bar mitzvah division BMD.

We recommend that you sign up early to ensure a spot for your child. Space will fill up quickly. Once divisions are full your child will be put on a waiting list.

Please be aware registering your child is not a guarantee of acceptance. Only once the head staff has a chance to review the application will you get a notification of your sons status.

Every application must have the first 2 pages of the registration form completed along with the lunch form if applicable and a $400.00 deposit payable now to be considered. Deposit will only be used if your child is accepted.

You will be able to obtain a registration form on our website on or after Thursday 26 of Kislev. Please mail you complete registration to 770 Eastern Parkway Suite 209 Brooklyn, NY 11213

Medical forms are not needed until Pesach time. Please do not take your son for a physical until you find out he is accepted. There is no need to call our office now. You will be acknowledged by email once we received your form.

Looking forward to another amazing summer!

Rabbi Y. Futerfas


CGI Parksville Reunites!

This past Thursday night, CGI Parksville held a grand reunion. As many campers and staff arrived in town for the Kinus Hashluchim, there was an overwhelming number of attendees. Nearly 400 came together to reminisce the great experience they had together this past summer.

The program began with live music while campers and staff emotionally greeted each other. During this time, a full delicious dairy dinner was served. The boys sat together reuniting with their bunk-mates and counselors.

To begin the evening the crowd was addressed by camps executive directer Rabbi Avraham Shemtov who shared words of inspiration and encouragement

Following dinner the lights were dimmed and the crowd was treated to a professionally edited video with unique footage briefly recapping all that was done this past summer.

Afterwards, an exciting and original entertainer hired especially for the reunion treated the crowd to a captivating show that included both magic and mentalist tricks.

The crowd then joined together in singing favorite songs from camp led by the head staff, including the original songs from this past summer. Those in the room were truly able to feel the warmth, unity and friendship of camp.

Raffles were then drawn with many prizes for those in attendance to win.

As the evening came to a close, those gathered in the room lined up to receive the newly printed journal from the summer as well as a custom made scarf as a souvenir.

We were truly able to see how Gan Yisroel has an everlasting impact on all campers. We are sure that this unity brings the Rebbe much Nachas and we look forward to the upcoming summer swiftly approaching.

Stay tuned to register for the *upcoming summer of 5778 – 2018*, both for the *main camp* and the very popular and anticipated *Bar Mitzvah Division (BMD)*. Please note that there is limited space, as there is already a high demand. Be sure to register earlier, those who sign up later will be put on a waiting list. *Registration will open the first day of Chanukah 25 Kislev – Dec 13, 2017.

Video made special for event

The Gan Yisroel Annual Camp Reunion

 Gan Yisroel is thrilled to announce that our annual camp reunion

Dear Parents,

Gan Yisroel is thrilled to announce that our annual camp reunion will take place this year on Thursday Nov 16-chof zayin cheshvon

We invite your children to take part in this beautiful gathering and reunite with friends and acquaintances from camp, who will be coming into Crown Heights for the Kinus Tzeirei Haslulchim. Campers from all over the world will be coming together, so come join in the fun and reminisce the experiences of camp!

The event will be held in Bais Rivkah Crown, 310 Crown Street from 6:30-8:30pm.

Please RSVP attendance here by November the 13th 2017.
There will be incredible entertainment in addition to live music and a special video presentation. A scrumptious dairy dinner will be served.

Please refer to attached flyer for all information.

Looking forward to seeing all campers from this incredible summer of Gan Yisroel

Rabbi Futerfas & The Staff of CGI NY