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Gala Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

One of FREE’s Gala Bar Mitzvah ceromonies at Camp FREE/Gan Israel, located in Kiryat Gan Israel, Parksville, NY.

Special delegation of honorary guests included Rabbis (front row from L. to R.): Gorowitz, Yeshoshua Korf, Zalmen Azimov, Abba Pliskin, Asher Sosonkin, Dovid Okunov.

Staff (standing) are Rabbis Zalman Shagalov, member of FREE’s Honorary Committee; Elazar Gorelick, Director of FREE in Melbourne; Mayer Okunov, Chairman of FREE; Mendel Okunov, Principle of FREE’s High School; Moshe Chaim Levin, Director of Chabad of Kensington; Yosef Volovic, Shlomo Galperin, teacher at FREE’s high-school.

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