The Yeshivas Kayitz program @ Gan Yisroel, NY continues to experience much Hatzlocha in it’s program. The success is due to the hard work, dedication & devotion of the YK staff, Uberoshom Rabbi Moshe Wolberg & Hatomim Yirmiya Berkowitz.

Much credit is also due to the great bochurim who come from the finest Yeshivos around the world, including: Brunoy, Oholei Torah, Lubavitch Yeshiva, YOEC, Tzeirei HaShluchim – Tzfas, Montreal & others. The 50+ k”ah Bochurim are true examples of what a “bochur” should be, & @ the same time they are a “dugma chaya” to all the campers in CGINY.

Amongst the many new projects for the second month are Videos & tapes of the Rebbe. The videos are shown twice a week & they cover the entire year cycle with the Rebbe. The tapes, “Maaseh Rav” are played every night prior to Maariv. Each bochur is given a sheet of paper with the Sicha in Yiddish, in addition there is also English translation.

In other YK news, a major indoor play is being worked on. The play will be put on during the nine days, by YK members in front of the whole camp. Tonight there was a delicious b-b-q in Siberia. Due to weather conditions, all eating was indoors. Also a beautiful bima for the Sefer Torah was built & brand new shelves in the stock room.

The latest at CGI

Before Shachris there was Mishnayos Baal Peh & Snacks. After Breakfast the teams delivered their theme speeches. Team time for the theme song took place before lunch.

Line up for lunch was in front of the Beth, with the lines extending all the way into the front lawn.

During lunch L.D.B.H. raffled off some prizes, the campers were holding tickets they got from being good in learning class.

After a delicious lunch of Shloimys’ homemade pizza, fresh salad, fruits etc. the teams sang their wonderful theme songs.

Rest period & MBP for those campers who did not finish their quota, followed lunch. The relay & other exciting races took place on the soccer field. @ the end of the races special twin pops – ices sponsored by Fadak Inc. & were given to all the campers. The campers enjoyed the ices immensely.

The overall Chayus during Yovel Shana war has been fantastic!



(T.T.T.O. Yaleh Tachanuneinu)
Through the heavenly chambers, the Baal She’em Tov strolls.
He meets Moshiach, amongst all the souls.
‘When are you coming?’ he cries in despair .
V ( pause)
“Once your teachings are found everywhere”

Since the Rebbe our leader began to teach
There are no limits to whom he can reach
With a sicha, a ma’amer, hayom yom each day
He teaches us all in a practical way
(chorus) 2x

The Rebbe our leader who teaches all jews
No matter their level—that means me and you
“when are you coming?” we cry in despair,
“If chassidus is found everywhere”

Chassidus developed, our learning progressed
The soul of the Torah revealed and expressed
Life took on meaning the Jews were revived
Love for ones fellow man blossomed and thrived.



T.T.T.O. Hinei Unochi Sholeach Lachem (Tzlil V’zemer)
Throughout the many years,
Of the Rebbe guiding us,
People come to Him,
With their problems to discuss.

“A Brochoh for my son,”
“A new business I’ve begun,”
Regardless, the Rebbe helps each one.

But most of all the Rebbe shows concern,
For Chinuch of children,
The way that they should learn,
A moment of silence, in all Public Schools,

Marching by proudly Tzivos Hashem,
The Rebbe salutes to each of them.

In this way the Rebbe was able to ensure,
Klal Yisroel’s future, it should be secure
Until the time, when we’ll see once again,
The Rebbe saluting proudly, to his Tzi-vos Hashem.

Team of Beis Chabad

Tossed and thrown in stormy winds a ship struggles through the night
The passengers aboard scared and full of fright

A strong steady ray breaks through the night
Spreading its warmth to all in sight
Uplifting their spirits instilling them with hope
Providing for them the ability to cope
A sense of comfort to all it does bring.

So many Jews drifting on the waves
Unsure of their actions, unsure of their ways
Worldly ideals are all that they have known
Assimilated they all have grown
Their beautiful neshomos they have never felt

The Rebbe dedicates every single day
Generating light in every way
For each and every Jew, the Rebbe, builds a home
Saving all Jews from the unknown X2

Wherever a Jew may find himself he will never be alone
There’s always a Chabad House he can call his home

The preparations for “Bog war”

The preparations for “Bog war” began after lunch. E.M.T.M.B. announced that there was a sewer leak in the water supply to all the bunks on the hill. He warned all campers not to drink the water.

A bunch of staff started to fill clear plastic garbage bags with water, from a hose inside the indoor pool. The water was to be used to fill all the toilet tanks on the hill, & the plan was to have all the campers carry those bags of water up to the hill.

After snacks were served, there was a special line-up in front of the flagpole. H.C.B.K. was running the show and the distribution of the bags of water began. In middle of all this there was a 1-2-3-4 we want bog war, from the staff. Many of the campers were chanting ….we HAVE bog war. Shortly thereafter as the campers were going up to the hill with their bags of water, the staff screamed out BOG WAR and started singing “lo yisa goy”. The campers went wild with excitement throwing some bags up in the air and ripping the others. The H.C.’s quickly quieted everybody down and sent them into the Shul, but the scene reminiscent to lasts years Bog war breakout when all the campers threw their sunglasses up in the air.

Once inside the Shul the camp was divided in to 3 teams. This year’s war is called ”Yovel Shana” in honor of The Rebbe’s 50 years of Nesius. The names of the teams were Chinuch, Bais Chabad & Chassidus.

In a spirit of Achdus the 3 generals all entered the Shul together. They all wore color rain ponchos in their team colors.

Generals & Lt. Gen

Bais Chabad
Gen.- Dovid Gutnick
Lt. – Asher Hecht
Lt. – Mendy Kaplan

Gen.- Shmulie Nachlas
Lt. – Sholom Kramer
Lt. – Simcha Morgenstern

Gen.- Yossi Waks
Lt. – Ari Markowitz
Lt. – Yanky Markowitz

After brief “pep talks” from their generals there was a rocking Mincha, followed by supper.

After supper there were great scavengers put on by all the teams. “Le’huhir” the word used, for 2 out of 6 scavengers was “SHMAIS”. Between the first & second set of scavengers everyone davened Maariv, & between the second & third set of scavengers there was a short video of the Rebbe shown.

Wednesday 9 Tammuz @ CGINY

Revellie, the old fashion way was @ 8:45. H.C.S.A. reportedly woke up 80% of the campers. @ line-up for flag raising H.C.S.A. made the following announcement “all those who had a fun time @ the water park yesterday should shout “Ad Mosai” and the campers who didn’t have a good time should answer.” The result was that for the first time this summer it was a “one-way-only” rocking “Ad Mosai”.

There was no morning activity. There were kaiser rolls, cream cheese, potato blintzes, egg rolls, cucumbers & lettuce for lunch.

During rest period, a group of 11 boys arrived with their chaperons. The boys are from South Africa, and they are staying in CGI for 1 day, to see what “The Rebbe’s Camp” is all about. The entire camp had “leagues” during afternoon activities. It was the first time in a while due to many other exciting things taking place in CGI. In addition new “leagues” signs designed by H.C.B.K. went up in the lobby. Bunk 14 went on their Shabbos competition trip.

During afternoon learning classes, many counselors got together to fix the flagpole. It took 15 minutes of discussion how the pole should be taken down. The actual procedure took 10 minutes.
@ the end of supper H.C.S.A. told the campers, that because of their beautiful participation on the Gimmel Tammuz trip & the Massive Kiddush Lubavitch yesterday @ the water park, by wearing their Yarmulkas & Tzitzits (@ this point the entire camp started clapping & rocking the dining room with the famous C-G-I chant, that was in full force yesterday) they would all be getting ices. The delicious Itzakadoozie, splash pops & shock tarts ices were then given to all the very happy campers. FADAK INC. & (with funding from Zee Cee) sponsored the ices. During the distribution of the ices the campers were shouting, during the shouting some staff, led by counselor Y.W. hoisted the benefactor of all the ices on their shoulders and ran around the dining room with him.

Tonight’s night activity was a very exciting episode of “brother night”, H.C.Y.S. with his brother were two of the contestants.

After Maariv there were late night activities including, indoor swimming where H.C.Y.S. managed to get into the pool with all his clothes , hockey in the Shul & game room for a number of bunks.

Yeshivas Kayitz went on a hike today to Parksville, visiting the waterfalls, Fiddles & the Post Office. In addition Y.K. members had a night swim tonight.

Masmidim & staff did their laundry today @ Suds & Duds in Liberty.

Sources tell SHMAIS NEWS SERVICE that there will be a bowling trip on Thursday for campers who excelled in Learning class.

Overnight camping

The entire camp went on an overnight Monday night to the “Neversink campgrounds” a beautiful camping site about 15 minutes from Gan Yisroel. There was plenty of food and the kids were having a blast when SNS checked up on them.

The remaining staff & Yeshivas Kayitz bochurim held separate b-b-q’s for supper in Camp.

The overnight will culminate in perhaps, the greatest trip in CGI history. The entire camp will be going to Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ. Mountain creek which has over 25 water rides & attractions for all ages, is “the worlds largest waterpark”. The entire park will be opened tomorrow, EXCLUSIVELY FOR JEWISH BOYS & MEN.

Sources tell SNS that YSP – Morristown will also be there.


Lots of staff including waiters, canteen workers & general managers were up all Motzei Shabbos night preparing for visiting day.

This morning there was a bedside inspection in honor of visiting day. Shachris followed in the Shul. After breakfast there was a raffle for the fantastic stereo system. The winner was Camper Daniel Amishay from Bunk Yud-Tes.

Though visiting day didn’t “officially” start till 12:00 noon, many parents and visitors actually began arriving much earlier. The carnival people began setting up for the visiting day carnival during Shachris.

Today’s visiting day will go down in history as one of the nicest ever, for many reasons. Firstly there was a great carnival with games, slides, moonwalks and more. The carnival went on for 6 hours from 12-6. Secondly the amount of visitors was enormous.

The visitors came from a record 6 countries, Israel, Latvia, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, USA & 17 states, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina & of course New York. Amongst the hundreds of visitors that came were many prominent Shluchim from around the world, including Rabbis’ Pinny Andrusier, Mendel Lipsker, Shea Harlig, Alter Tenenbaum, Yossi Shemtov, Yitzchok Newman, Leibel Shapiro, Mordechai Avtzon, Mordy Einbinder, Moshe Spalter, Ari Raskin, Yehuda Shemtov, Yisroel Rubin, Gershon Grossbaum, Yanky Saacks, Benzion Friedman and many others. There was a line of cars stretching from in front of camp caretaker Eric Taylors’ house till after “Turkey”!

In typical Gan Izzy fashion the rain made a few brief appearances during the day, B”H it was just drizzles & the carnival for the most part was not affected.

As visiting day was coming to an end, campers were seen shlepping bags and bags of nosh & other goodies, back from their day out of camp.

The canteen closed early tonight, after a very successful day B”H.