Carnival , Treasure Hunt! 7-26-2001

As the campers awoke to the pitter-patter of rain on the rooftops of their bunkhouses … The Staff of CGI had prepared for them one of the most exciting days of the summer.

Although the learning Classes were confined to the indoors, the new multi-purpose room in the main building served as a shelter for several learning classes.

For the 1st activity, Division 1 and 2 (Bunks Aleph – Tes Vov) lined up outside the door of the Dining Room anxiously waiting to enter the fun-filled Carnival prepared for them by their counselors and Head Counselor Baruch Kaplan. Tickets were distributed to all the campers as they excitedly scampered off to test their skills at the many different booths. From “Bobbing Apples” to the highlight of the carnival the “Game Show” Hosted by counselor of Bunk Hey, Shaul Perlstien. The Carnival lasted for 1 ½ hours and the campers had to be pried away to go to their next activity. Division 3 (Bunks Tes Zayin – Chof Gimmul) began their “Toras Rabbeinu” Sports League.

For the 2nd activity Division 2 began their “Toras Rabeinu” Sports League.

The 3rd Division had an exciting treasure hunt led by Head Counselor Baruch Hecht. What a sight to see Campers searching campgrounds for the Gift of “N’shei Chabad” to Gan Yisroel. The message for the treasure hunt was “Shlichus is what I love to do! Ad Mosai!!!

Every night after maariv the campers watch a short video of the Rebbe. Tonight the video began with a series of “around the year events with the Rebbe” which will be shown in segments over the next couple of days.


Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, Head Shliach of Texas visited Camp Gan Yisroel, NY today. As part of his visit Rabbi Lazaroff spent some quality time with the campers of Bunk 11 who are representing Chabad of Texas as part of the highly sucessful Project Shlichus 5761. Rabbi Lazaroff also sang some songs with the campers and taught them a new one with the words “Zeh Hayom Usuh Hashem…”