Waiters win by a landslide June 2001

Waiters win by a landslide June 2001
Wednesday, Jul 4, 2001 7:00 am
The CGI Waiters do it again! Coming back to the dinning room with a triumphant 8-0 victory over the Torah Teen “Shtaigers”. Although the “Shtaigers” where reported to be a good team, they were no mach for the “CGI’ers” who have repeatedly shown excellent performance even under the most tense situation.

H.W.S.M. says “this comes as no surprise to me; these boys are constantly putting out their best, serving camp both in and out of the dining room”. Proof to that was their fabulous participation this past Shabbos in MBP. “I don’t think we could have gotten so much MBP done without their help”. Says MBP Dir. C.H.A. The main though will be in the upcoming game with the Kitchen Staff “Kuchers” who are scheduled to play in the near future. An exact date is not yet forthcoming but rest assured you will be informed. For now, the waiters are busy doing their work faithfully and resuming their Norman Seder which includes rising at the very early hour of 6:30am
And learning the Rebbe’s holy Chassidus, which will hasten the coming of Moshiach right now!

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