Shlichus Update 7-19-2001

In a display of talent this Motzei Shabbos every Chabad House (Bunk) presented beautiful skits about the Ten Mivtzoyim. The camp was divided in three groups with each Chabad House (Bunk) performing in front of their group. One group performed in the Shul, one in the Dining Room and one in our newly renovated multi-purpose room in the basement of the Main building.
Pictures of the skits will be posted shortly.


On Tuesday, for the second year in a row, Lubavitcher campers & Staff made a massive Kiddush Lubavitch @ Mountain Creek waterpark, that was opened exclusively for Jewish women on Monday and Jewish men on Tuesday. Mountain Creek the worlds largest water park is located in Mount Vernon, NJ.

All the campers & staff present from the Lubavitcher camps including: Gan Yisroel, NY, Morristown Day Camp & Morristown Y.S.P., Camp F.R.E.E., L’man Achai, Oholei Torah day camp & Lubavitch Yeshiva day camp made a massive Kiddush Lubavitch. They made it by acting like they should, especially in the manner in which they dressed. Everyone instantly recognized the Lubavitchers, because they proudly wore their Yarmulkahs & Tzitzis @ all times inside the water park.

In addition to all the fun the CGINY campers had on the various water rides, there was also some fun had with Singer Shloimy Dachs who was so impressed by CGINY Learning Teacher Benny Friedman, whose voice he heard singing over the walkie talkies, that Dachs came over to see for himself and a small concert ensued on the grass at the entrance of Mountain Creek.

After the mini concert, a group of 25 CGINY campers remained to sing camp songs, in the interim getting much attention from the crowds of Jewish passerby’s.




On Wednesday morning, during breakfast in The Rebbe’s Camp, H.C.S.A. announced to the campers that the CEO of, in honor of his birthday this past Monday, had purchased delicious fresh donuts for the entire camp. This marked the 4th year in a row that the CEO has purchased donuts for the entire Camp Gan Yisroel in honor of his birthday. The H.C.’s announcement was greeted with thunderous chanting of “,”.

Afterwards the waiters began to distribute the 440 custard and regular donuts to all the campers and staff. When the CEO entered the dining room to capture the moment, he was greeted with a loud “2, 4, 6, 8” followed by the singing of “Happy Birthday”.

The Chayus everyone got from the donuts allowed them to learn much better during learning classes that followed breakfast


Hundreds of people from around the world including many Shluchim, CGI Alumni and former CGINY Head Counselors Yossi Spalter & Elkana Shmotkin converged on Gan Yisroel, NY on Sunday forthe summers first visiting day.

While many parents & friends took campers off grounds to nearby Pizza Shops, Shoprite and other shopping, many others decided to spend their afternoon on the beautiful grounds of CGI and enjoy delicious hotdogs, burgers and other delicious food from the worlds best canteen. The weather for the most part was B”H very good and camps sports fields, the game room and lake with bumper boats were opened to all campers & visitors.

Two staff members were selling this years beautiful t-shirts & hats in the CGI square. Camp caretaker Eric Taylor was busy all day long directing both vehicular and pedestrian traffic across the busy Old Route 17.

As visiting day was coming to an end, smiling campers wereseen shlepping bags and bags of nosh & other goodies, back from their dayout of camp.

In a sign that campers are having a blast many campers who were meant to only stay for one month told their parents that they would like to stay for the second month too. As camp is B”H packed, they will have to wait till next Summer, IYH in Jerusalem to spend an entire 2 months in the Rebbe’s Camp.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchas 5761-2001

Shabbos Parshas Pinchas, was by far the most spectacular of the summer. It was a Shabbos culminating a fantastic week, which was highlighted by Shlichus War.
Before Minchah the campers were informed about a special prize for the weekly Shabbos raffle – a stereo system. Kabolas Shabbos was lead by a guest Chazzan, long time staff member of CGI Meir Kessler. The Friday night Seudah was extremly lebedik, Head Counselor Sruly Altein started the meal, teaching the camp excerpts from the first Farbrengen of the Rebbe when he came to America, this week sixty years ago. Then the camp sang all the new songs from Shlichus War, that set the tone for the meal, which turned into the most Chayos’diker Friday night that CGI has had this summer. The meal and ensuing Farbrengen continued past midnight, Head Counselor Baruch Kaplan farbrenged with over fifty campers.
Shabbos morning Tehilim had a record turnout, many campers from all divisions woke up on their own, and were there on time (the entire bunk Chof Aleph was there bright and early, in honor of their counselor Levi Raskin’s birthday). Camper Avremie Wolff, Morristown NJ lead the Minyan Tehilim.
Camper Baruch Vidal, Atlanta GA davened Pesukai Dezimrah, Camper Shneur Kamensky, Rochester NY davened Shacharis and Camper Yankie Lokshin, Brooklyn NY davened Mussaf.
The letters for counting during Kriah spelled “Shluchei Malach” in honor of the winning team “Merkos Shluchim”.
The winners of Shabbos competition were bunks Aleph (Chabad of Hungary), Gimmel (Chabad of Peru), Yud Gimmel (Chabad of Uraguay) and Tes Vov (Chabad of Venezuela). Many other bunks enjoyed late night activities of their own.