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G’mar Chasima Tova 9-23-2001

G'mar Chasima Tova 9-23-2001

The directorship and administration of camp would like to wish all campers and staff members a Gmar Chasima Tov

Mazel Tov, Ely! 9-23-2001

The entire Gan Yisroel family would like to wish a hearty Mazel tov to a dedicated senior staff member of camp, E.C.A.D. and division head Ely Rosenfeld upon his engagement. May all the Brachos of the Rebbe to a Chassan and Kallah be fulfilled in its entirety. Mazel Tov Mazel Tov!

Reporting live from the grounds of Kiryat Gan Yisroel 9-2001


Reporting live from the grounds of Kiryat Gan Yisroel 9-2001

Reporting live from the grounds of Kiryat Gan Yisroel, a little more than four weeks ago nine busses and scores of cars carrying over 500 campers and staff departed the grounds here, having concluded the most outstanding and exciting summer in this camp’s 46 year history.
As I walk these grounds, my mind fills with warm memories of this past summer. Entering the Shul my eyes brimming with tears, I recall the first day we all arrived, the initiation of Project Shlichus, Shlichus War, Shnas Hameah War and the closing Banquet. Oh what a summer indeed it was.
My next stop was the main building, entering the lobby my eyes automatically wandered to the walls filled with pictures that depict camps rich history and dearness to the Rebbe, as I gaze upon the pictures of the Rebbe’s three visits to camp. Than my eyes glance to the map of countries represented by bunks here in camp, helping the Rebbe’s Shluchim in these remote places (now familiar to every camper).
Project Shlichus will be covered in the upcoming article.
I then entered the Dining Room the room still vibrating with the sounds of the 270 campers as their voices bellowed out the different camp songs. Oh, the warm memories of Srulie’s Voice fill the room as he leads the Seudah Friday Night. How can I forget Baruch Hecht’s inspiring stories, as he kicks off yet another Shabbos day Seudah.
I only had a short amount of time to spend here today, as I would have liked to stay here forever. So I headed quickly towards the hill, as I pass the flagpole, reminiscing the heartfelt cries of Ad Mosai’s by the hundreds of campers, how their voices would pierce the heavens.
Climbing the stairs to the bunks I recall the counselors tireless devotion to their campers how they would speak words of inspiration, instilling in them an everlasting love to the Rebbe. How the bunks would play together with such unity.

These memories all so real in my mind.

Dear campers, how I wish we could all be together here in camp all year round. Lets all take these warm recollections with us and let them carry us throughout the year, until we will reunite for Camp Gan Yisroel 5762.
Future articles will include: Project Shlichus, an aerial view of camp as reported by our fellow dove Reb Yonah, and many more camp related articles, so stay tuned.
Please browse through the thousands of pictures of camp, to help keep your memory fresh of all those wonderful times.

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