Sunday, 6 Av 7-15-2002

The week started off with a bang. The Chayolei HaRebbe campaign introduced the “Netilas Yodaim” as the project for the week. Through a very nice and funny skit, the campers were taught how to wash their hands properly for bread. Big signs were posted in the camp square and in the washing areas with the Halochos.

Since the sports for the first month is coming to a close, it had to end off with a bang, with an especially big sports event to give the kids an incentive to try harder in sports and strengthen themselves physically. So there was an All-Star game for each division in camp 1st , 2nd and 3rd which included every camper in camp. There were 24 campers in each division, 12 kids on each team, in the All-Star game. There were papers advertising the All-Star game all over camp. (They were put up when all the camp was sleeping)

The first division played Hockey whiles the 2nd and 3rd played intense games of Basketball. Almost the whole camp showed up to watch the games. The games were awesome the games were refereed by Head counselor Mendy Kornfeld refereed and sports Director Shmuel Chaim Plotke. The campers had a great time and they wer all happy. The M.V.P. in each division, was; 1st division: Schneur Werde and Schneur Zalman Raitport, 2nd division: Mendel Shemtov, 3rd division: Zalman Raksin.

After supper the campers had a blast with a “String Hunt” all over the camp grounds. Following Maariv, Night activity director Moishe Markel walked into the Shul with all the strings around him and announced the winners.

Later on this night there was the first official staff meeting for all staff members, planning out the rest of this week’s fun (I.E. Bog war) that the camp is going to experience.

Stay tuned for the next report of this very special week in Machane Gan Yisroel.


You’ve heard of all those crazy, scary and even spooky Bog war & Color war breakouts that take place in overnight camps during the summer.However, Monday afternoon’s Bog War break out in Gan Yisroel, NY was a classic. During rest period, H.C. Asher Deren got on the loudspeaker and announced to the entire camp that his colleague, H.C. Moshe Steiner had become a Choson to BrOcha GeWARsky. immediately pandemonium broke out in the camp square with singing & dancing of campers & staff alike. For added emphasis some Lechaim was distributed to staff as well.

In addition a special, very authentic looking report with news of the engagement was hung up on the official news board in camp.

After activities, word reached camp that Moshe had decided to come back to camp early before his Lechaim in New York in order to celebrate with his camp.

@ lerech 4:30 word reached camp that the “Choson” was minutes away from camp. Immediately campers & staff gathered outside the Debra to greet the Choson. When the Choson walked out of the debra he was mobbed with hugs and kisses and was lifted unto the shoulders of the staff amidst singing and dancing into the camp square where there was huge sign wishing him Mazel Tov.

When things finally quieted down a bit the “Choson” was given a moment to speak. After thanking camp for all of the Mazel Tov wishes 1 staff member called out is she coming to camp? To which the Choson responded “Brocha Gewarsky is not coming to camp…BUT BOG WAR IS!”

The sign hanging above the camp square was immediately revised to read “BOG WAR!”

And so it was a classic break out, only here in The Rebbe’s Camp!


Before Mincha the campers were told about a big prize for the Shabbos camper raffle. They were also told about the new order for the Shabbos competition, three bunks from the entire camp.

Koppel Cohen Director of the BMD (Bar Mitzvah Division) Davened Kabolas Shabbos @ the Umud.

The younger bunks left to the dining room a few minutes earlier for Seudas Shabbos. Seudas Shabbos was delicious.

For the 3rd week in a row the dining room rocked with Chayus. During the meal the bran news “the 12768 Weekly” camp newsletter was distributed. The Friday night song sheet was filled with songs from bunk war. Following the meal there was a farbrengen for the campers.

Shabbos morning there was Mikva in the indoor pool followed by snacks – kokosh cake, fruit & cereal.

Learning teacher Mendy Cohen, davened Shachris & Mussaf @ the Umud.

Before Kriah, H.C. Asher Deren auctioned off the Aliyos for campers & bunks who would learn Mishnayos Baal Peh.

Division Head and Night Activity Director Moshe Markel Lained. Levi Hodakov CEO of received the Aliya of Shevee’ee & Survival Director Gershon Sandler received Maftir.

After a very lebedik lunch led by H.C. Moishe Steiner, there was rest period & canteen, followed by Farbrengens that each learning class has with their learning teacher.
Rabbi Shemtov farbrenged all afternoon in the guest dining room.

After learning classes there was a very successful M.B.P. session.

After M.B.P. camp had a Seder Niggunim that was led by L.D. Mendy Kaplan, davened Mincha, Shalosh Seudos & of course Shmaryonky.

This weeks’ Shmaryonky was put on by Division Head Moshe Markel, Counselor Kushi Schusterman & V.D. Yochanon Klein.



On Thursday morning, with background sound effects of “can I get a breakfast special…..pass me a snapple and can I have a danish?” a historic Minyan for Shachris took place in the Camp Gan Israel, NY Canteen.
Although it’s possible that this was not the first time there was a Minyan held in the canteen, SNS is pretty sure that it was the first time that a Minyan included Krias HaTorah.
The Baal Koreh was counselor Itche Grossbaum. With no Leviim in the canteen counselor Betzalel Borenstein was Zoiche to

Thursday 2 Av 7-11-2002

Today camp had no time to waste they were starting out for a full day of Hiskashrus war. After lunch each team presented their theme speeches and theme songs. Then all the teams went to prepare for their grand plays. Meanwhile all the younger bunks were having normal fun activities. After supper the teams presented their grand plays each one out doing the next. The campers displayed talents that some staff were envious of. After lights outs there was staff seder. There was a strong showing of staff to the Seder where they learned a Sicha about a Chassid being a lamplighter. The Seder was dedicated in memory of Leibel Kahan, whose Yarzteit is today. After the seder they showed the Living Torah video and that was followed by farbaisen.


Camp woke up a bit later, in order to rest up from the last few days.

After lunch Hiskashrus (Bunk) war, was broken out for bunks Yud to Chof Bais. The teams are Gan Yisroel, Cheder Chabad, Shlichus, Kinnus Hashluchim, Shliach , Avodas Hashlichus, Temimim and Neiros Lehair. They began making their cheers and preparing their scavengers for later this evening.

@ flag lowering, in conjunction with this years special Chayolei HaRebbe program, 6 campers were promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

After Mincha Learning Teacher Dovid Dubinsky made a Siyum on Mesecheta Makos.

Later on in the evening the bunk war teams presented their scavengers. Bunks Aleph through Tes were in the audience.


After packing all their belongings the campers boarded the buses for the short trip to Neversink River Campgrounds.

When the campers arrived @ the camp site they began setting up their beds (sleeping bags). Afterward they started to collect enough wood so that their bonfires would stay lit all right and provide heat & light.

Meanwhile the counselors together with the help of other staff members started to prepare the barbeque for supper.

After supper everyone gathered around the fire to sing many camp songs (a special song sheet was prepared for the overnight). Lots of dedicated counselors purchased marshmallows & graham crackers for their campers. The campers then roasted the marshmallows and ate them with the graham crackers ala smores. As has become the custom in recent years, Levi Hodakov the CEO of accompanied by his wife and baby Sarah arrived on the scene and gave delicious citrus ices to all the campers. Later on in the night the campers went to sleep while hearing a story from one of their staff members.

At around 7:00 in the morning the campers woke up, davened and ate breakfast. At about 8:30 the campers went on to buses to Mountain Creek water park. @ the park everyone got into their bathing suits, and went into the water park together with staff members.

Everyone had a blast @ the park that was filled with only Jwish boys camps. Once again the campers & staff of CGI stood out wearing their Yarmulkas and Tzitzis all day long.

At about 4:30 it started to rain a little bit, but CGI didn’t give up, we waited under shelter and entertained the other camps with our renowned Chayus until the light drizzle stopped. When the drizzle stopped we went back into the park for another hour