Today in the Rebbe’s Camp

Camp Gan Israel NY logoAfter a very topsy and turvy topsy-turvy day, routine began to settle in. During learning classes all campers were given their first test of the second month. Campers spent the past few learning classes reviewing what they had learned over the past week and half. The dedicated learning teachers of the rebbes camp, besides all their time spent preparing learning classes, spent hours to arrange and write the tests.

For the duration of the first morning learning session, tests were given out in the dining room. Many campers of the younger division crowded within, enthusiastic to put their knowledge onto paper. Afterwards, throughout the subsequent morning session, the older campers in addition came inside the dining room, to complete their tests.

Following Mincha in the Shul, campers stayed to listen to a very special Siyum. Since we are within the nine days, Siyumim are being made each day by various dedicated staff members. Today a Siyum was made, by the devoted learning teacher Zalman Korf, on the whole Mesechte Sotah! This follows yesterdays Siyum, by the devoted learning teacher Yehoshua Dubinsky, on the entire Mesechte Psachim!

As nighttime fell, campers were treated to a very special play performed by the Masmidim. The soccer field lit up under the glaring rays of the spotlights, as the masmidim performed splendidly.


As campers woke to a bright day in Gan Israel, they were informed that Topsy-Turvy day is approaching. Havoc broke out as the campers began to envision themselves serving the many functions of the dedicated staff of Gan Yisroel. After lunch the campers were given forms containing the various jobs in camp that were up for grabs. The campers had to choose a job and than obtain 100 signatures including 50 from the staff. The square was swarming with campers as they rushed to fill out their the forms. A frantic search for the staff began. The window of the lobby was covered with many beautiful posters, urging the campers to vote for them. After heavily campaigning the whole day, the campers settled down to eat a delicious supper. Afterwards the campers headed towards the shul for a very special night-activity. Campaign promises including “No raising hands” by the potential head-counselors, “Six flags” by the potential trip-managers and many more were announced at night-activity as NADMH introduced the potential candidates. Campers Chaim Eilenberg and Levi Plotkin automatically won the jobs of van drivers, camper Menachem Mendel Glazman won truck driver and camper Shneor Kotlarsky won assistant head counselor. Each camper was than handed a form containing the names of all the successful candidates, and were given the opportunity to vote. The campers than davened Maariv and headed to their bunks, everyone full of excitement from the days events and eager to find out the results tomorrow…

CGI goes Tops-Turvy –

After many hours spent last night counting and recounting the votes, the dedicated staff went to rest a bit before giving over the great task of running Gan Yisroel, over to a fresh crew of campers.

Everybody woke up Wednesday morning to the hi-pitched voice of Ari Treitel, who took over the task of “the voice of CGI”. Meanwhile as all the exited campers started jumping out of their bunks, the newly appointed division head Yisroel New was busy pouring cocoa at the BMD Seder chasidus, and head lifeguard Yossi Dalfin was busy supervising, as the Mikvah opened. The kitchen was also boosted up with the help of Mashgiach Mendy Avtzon.

The campers (and counselors) stood by line-up as Motty Harlig, Mordy Harlig and Levi Scharfstein took over the strenuous job of Head Counselors. Everyone was eager to put on their very best behavior, as points were being given for bunk-competition. As everyone was headed for Davening, a very special crew of waiters was in middle of hearing Kriah in the waiter’s minyan. After they finished davening they headed towards the dining room following the direction of their very talented head waiter Yankel Hecht. Meanwhile the talented replacement for the great job of younger division head Avremi Raichik began leading the younger division in davening.

Beep-beep, the camp truck and vans roared out of camp, driven (nearly) by van drivers Chaim Eilenberg and Pinny Goldin and truck driver Mendy Glazman under the direction of their ECAD Yossi Hershkop. Meanwhile canteen manager Yankel Kievman rolled up his sleeves and started preparing for a long hard day in the canteen. The campers finished breakfast and than headed to their learning classes, some stopping off to get some expert medical advice from EMT Yossi Leches. A grim-faced Tzvi Meir Fellig, an equally serious Levi Harlig and Levi Chein took over the job of learning directors and began circling the campsite making sure that everyone was busy learning.

“Learning never ends, learning never ends” OM Ari Treitel announced as everyone headed for line-up. The head counselors dismissed everybody to lunch including a very special group of staff which included, whose job was taken over by Isaac Sufrin. After lunch the campers were dismissed to rest period where they were given their canteen, presented by CM Yankel Kievman. They than headed towards their activities, arranged by a very capable Program Director Shmuel Pearlstein. Towards the end of the day the campers were treated to a very special night-activity under the brilliant NAD Boruch Sholom Blesofsky.

The head counselors would like to thank their assistant Shneur Kotlarsky for his round-the-clock help, as well as general managers Shmuly Posner and Yaacov Dovid kotlarsky and their assistant Nochum Schapiro for their constant backup. Special mention goes to OD Motki Newirth who has a long night ahead of him.