Week 2 “Rolls” in…

Monday 30 Sivan: A magnificently planned, and extremely enjoyed roller-skating trip kicks off week 2 as the summers first trip.

After breakfast the younger half of camp was lead stealthily to buses and brought to the roller rink. The older half of camp sat obediently in learning class as the buses carried their younger peers away. “What’s going on?” they thought and perhaps whispered. After class, the older campers were brought together for an early line-up and were informed with great enthusiasm that they were in fact going roller skating. Oh boy!

Meanwhile, the younger bunks were enjoying their dizzy stroll around the shiny wood floor. The poles lining the walls aided those who knew not the art of roller-skating and the carpeted walls made stopping a breeze! When the buses arrived with the older campers, the younger ones hopped on the buses and were brought back to camp safely, happily, and ready for lunch.

By the time afternoon learning classes were ready to begin, all campers were back and ready to learn the holy Torah of the Holy one, blessed be he.

Tuesday: Today we were visited by inspectors from the New York State government, BOH all went well.

The campers continued to prepare in learning classes for the Gimmul Tammuz.

After supper, the campers were brought outside for a special line-up. Night activity director, Moshe Hecht announced that that all campers were to run around camp (safely) searching for papers with words on them. The bunks were then challenged to construct as long of a sentence as possible with the words they had collected. Boy was it fun. Giggles and other sounds of delight echoed throughout the camp as the sun set on another night of Gan Yisroel.

Important information about visiting day

Visiting day will be starting @ 12:00pm – City Time, PLEASE do not come earlier!

There will be lake activity’s from 1:30pm till 4:30pm

No girls over 12 years old should come into camp grounds, this is self-understood and will be enforced

You must sign your kid out of camp! it is very important to sign out your kid if you will be taking him off camp grounds

Hope to see you!

Continuation from Gimmel Tammuz –


Continuation from Gimmel Tammuz -

Thursday Night: After a moving experience at the Ohel, Camp Gan Yisroel boarded the buses once again and traveled to Crown Heights for the central Farbrengen at Beis Rivkah.
When the camp arrived, a beutiful meal was served (provided by Rabbi Benji Stock), followed by Bentching and Maariv prayers. As chassidim began to arrive for the Farbrengen, Gan Yisroel concluded their evening with camp songs and niggunim. By 2:00 am everybody arrived safely in camp and stumbled to their beds for a good night’s sleep.
Shabbos: Friday night, the begiining of the Shabbos after Gimmel Tamuz, the campers showed their inspiration by singing niggunim together with an added energy and spirit of achdus. Benches were jumped upon, hands were were clapped against one annother, koogle was eaten.
Shabbos day: After seudas shaabos the campers had a rest period and then resumed their shabbos inspiration with farbrengens for each learning class, and then Mishnayos Baal Peh. Shabbos concluded with Seudas shlishis. Shmayunkee featured four staff members and two puppets (puppets?).

The Rebbe’s Camp goes to the Rebbe…

The Rebbe's Camp goes to the Rebbe...

Wednesday night: After Mincha the campers were gathered together for line-up and told to put on their Shabbos clothes. Before supper the campers watched a speciel video presentation of the Rebbe going to the Ohel. After the video, the campers made their way to the dining room to find that a special Shabbos-like Seuda had been prepared.
After supper Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz, Shliach of the Rebbe to Moscow, Farbrenged with Gan Yisroel in honor of Gimmel Tammuz.

Thursday Morning: After breakfast, campers went to their learning classes for final moments of preparation before they wrote their PaN.

For Minchah, the Chazan Davened simultaneously with a tape of the Rebbe davening Minchah, giving the children a chance to daven with the Rebbe. Shortly after, the camp went to the buses and was on it’s way to the Ohel. Incredible planning and fantastic cooperation allowed the whole experience to run smoothly. As Gan Yisroel lined up next to the Ohel onlookers had the chance to witness the Rebbe’s camp coming to the Rebbe. Special time was allotted exclusively for Gan Yisroel, and each camper was able to through and read his name and mothers name by the Ohel. Special thanks to Abba Refson.

Thursday night: The camp loaded efficiently back onto the buses and went to Beis Rivkah for a special supper and rally.

First week of camp, and boy was it successful!

Yes, the first week of camp brought together a record breaking number of campers and therefore a record breaking number of bunks as well, including new divisions – the Bar Mitzvah Division and the Columbians.

With all the energy of a Gan Yisroel Shabbos and more, Friday night “rocked”. Indeed, every bunk contributed to the lively atmosphere of Shabbos, with Niggunim and jumping on benches.

Shabbos day featured Farbrengens for each learning class, in which each Learning Teacher had the chance to Farbreng with his Talmidim for the first time.

Three bunks won Shabbos competition and went on a special trip; Bunk Hey, Bunk Yud-Zayin and Bunk Tes-Vov

Sunday: Rain clouds moved out of the way for Gan Yisroel’s first day of sports leagues, providing the best sports experience for each camper.

The Bar Mitzvah division (aka BMD) experienced 2 Hanachos Tefillin’s on Sunday, and 2 more on Monday.

Preparations for Gimmel Tamuz continue. A special “Kuntres Hiskashrus” was printed by the Learning Directors to be learned with the campers in learning class, as part of preparation for Gimmel Tammuz and the camp’s trip to the Ohel.

Iy”h the Web Cam will be up and running by the end of this week, sorry for the inconvenience.