Visiting Day in Camp Gan Israel

As the siren went off signaling the end of learning classes, hundreds of
visitors began streaming in to the beautiful grounds of Gan Yisroel, NY
for the summers second visiting day. The visitors arrived from all over
the continent and around the world, including many prominent Shluchim
and former Head Staff of Gan Yisroel.

While the delighted parents reunited with the Campers, young children
were seen sprinting towards the carnival, which featured loads of
thrilling rides. As many parents took campers off grounds to nearby
Pizza Shops, Shoprite and other venues, many others decided to spend
their afternoon on the grounds of CGI.

Throughout the day the Canteen employees worked fulltime, accommodating
the hundreds of parents and children who came to taste the fine foods.
Many items, including delicious pizza, ice-cream and a large variety of
nosh were sold, as well as a special barbecue which featured appetizing
hotdogs, burgers, and pastrami sandwiches.

In the lobby, crowds of people gathered to watch a special preview of
the 5763 Camp Video, showing special scenes of Color War. Parents stood
patiently by the front desk, waiting to order exclusive Camp caps,
yarmulkes as well as the Camp video. The Shul also attracted the
attention of many proud parents who received lots of Nachas as they took
note of their son’s achievements in Mishnayos Baal Peh.

For the Campers whose parents unfortunately couldn’t visit, a special
hike was arranged with the survival director.

Camp caretaker Eric Taylor was busy all day long directing both
vehicular and pedestrian traffic across the busy Parksville road.

As visiting day was coming to an end, smiling campers were seen
schlepping bags and bags of nosh & other goodies, back from their day
out of camp.