This years songs that were composed by the talented staff of Camp Gan Israel during the Hiskashrus War 5763.

The songs of Hiskashrus war 5763 / 2003 color war camp gan israel ny

Theme song winning team of Shliach
(T.T.T.O. ay yai yai)
A Shliach moves into a town
He’s lonely with no one around
He feels like he’s distant from his Rebbe
His vision beginning to fade

But then there’s a Jew at his door
Who’s lost and is searching for more
The Shliach now tells him about his Rebbe
Another çñéã he’s made

As a Shliach he knows
That he’s not for himself
His entire life’s focus is for someone else
Teaching all Jews the Rebbe is there
And for his children he truly does care (x2)

Now we know that our Hiskashrus
is not by staying nearby
Oh No!
Rather we strive to teach all Yidden
the Rebbe loves them so

Theme song team of Chossid
T.T.T.O. Mein Kind – MBD

It’s Friday night in camp the hour is already late,
Mendel’s tired, but there’s something telling him to wait.

His counselor’s sitting at his side,
A Hachloto he asks him to decide.

Mendel starts to speak,
His feelings he just cannot hide.

To learn the Rebbe’s teachings,
And make them part of me,
To Daven every word right from the heart

To live as a true Chossid
Striving hard to be,
Everything that the Rebbe wants of me.
Alma Mater Winning Team of Shliach
(Original tune by winning General Simi)
A lonely stray tear drop
From his eye escapes
Betraying the calm look on his face
It seems like just yesterday camp only started
And now it’s time to say goodbye

No matter how many
Times in the past
That I’ve had to say farewell
It never gets easier it only gets harder
Harder to say goodbye

Now I know why Chassidim never say
Chassidim never say goodbye
Wherever we go we’re all together
Together in spirit and soul (x2)

Now as the summer approaches the end
The last day is right around the bend
As hard as I try I just cannot help it
I just cannot help but cry

Now I know…

Alma Mater Team of Chossid
T.T.T.O. Niggun Shabbos V’Yom Tov

Luggage piled up in the hall,
I didn’t want to go at all.
But to the Rebbe’s camp, my parents sent me.

From the moment I arrived,
Something touched me deep inside.
Now Gan Yisroel, you’re where I want to be.

More than pictures on the wall,
I close my eyes and see it all
The Rebbe has come to camp – his children to see.

Oh Gan Yisroel, the camp I love and hold so dear
Oh Gan Yisroel, I feel the Rebbe’s really here.
Still everyday I yearn for a special dollar of my own,
Still I wish to go into Yechidus with the Rebbe all alone.
How I’m dreaming of the day when I wake up to see
The Rebbe’s come to camp – to visit me