Visiting Day in Camp Gan Israel

As the siren went off signaling the end of learning classes, hundreds of
visitors began streaming in to the beautiful grounds of Gan Yisroel, NY
for the summers second visiting day. The visitors arrived from all over
the continent and around the world, including many prominent Shluchim
and former Head Staff of Gan Yisroel.

While the delighted parents reunited with the Campers, young children
were seen sprinting towards the carnival, which featured loads of
thrilling rides. As many parents took campers off grounds to nearby
Pizza Shops, Shoprite and other venues, many others decided to spend
their afternoon on the grounds of CGI.

Throughout the day the Canteen employees worked fulltime, accommodating
the hundreds of parents and children who came to taste the fine foods.
Many items, including delicious pizza, ice-cream and a large variety of
nosh were sold, as well as a special barbecue which featured appetizing
hotdogs, burgers, and pastrami sandwiches.

In the lobby, crowds of people gathered to watch a special preview of
the 5763 Camp Video, showing special scenes of Color War. Parents stood
patiently by the front desk, waiting to order exclusive Camp caps,
yarmulkes as well as the Camp video. The Shul also attracted the
attention of many proud parents who received lots of Nachas as they took
note of their son’s achievements in Mishnayos Baal Peh.

For the Campers whose parents unfortunately couldn’t visit, a special
hike was arranged with the survival director.

Camp caretaker Eric Taylor was busy all day long directing both
vehicular and pedestrian traffic across the busy Parksville road.

As visiting day was coming to an end, smiling campers were seen
schlepping bags and bags of nosh & other goodies, back from their day
out of camp.


Visiting Day will begin IY”H at 12:00PM EST (city time), and conclude at 7:00PM EST (city time)
Please do not arrive earlier, or bring back your children later than the specified times.
Those who wish to take their children out of camp grounds must sign them out in the administrative office.
Girls over the age of 12 should not come on to camp grounds, and will be asked to remain outside.

Shabbos Nachamu in the Rebbe’s camp

Friday Afternoon: After bedside inspection, campers wearing their sparkling clean Shabbos clothes, headed towards their learning classes. During learning classes the camers learned a Sicha on the parshas Hashavua, and as every week they learned one of the rebbe’s Nigunim. This week they learned and sang the special nigun “Ha’aderes Veha’emuna” which was introduced by the Rebbe on Simchas Torah 5734.

Following Mincha in the shul a Siyum was made by the Counselor Eitan goldberg on the entire Maseches Sotah! After a smashing Gan Yisroel Friday night Maariv, Campers headed down towards the dining room for yet another very special Friday night meal. During the meal a very special announcement was made by H.C.Y.G. Camp will IY”H be installing an air-conditioning unit in the main building. This unit, the campers were informed, will provide air-conditioning to the dining room and the lobby. After yet another electriying meal, singing many of the brand new 5763 Hiskashrus War songs, Campers gathered to farbreng, listening to the inspiring words of L.D.Y.S.
Shabbos morning: Following morning snacks, consisting of delicious cake and milk, campers headed towards the Shul for Shachris. The Campers davened beautifully, than headed toward the dining room for yet another inspiring Shabbos meal.
As campers began heading towards their learning classes, rain began pouring down. The campers quickly ran to their rain locations, learned and farbrenged. After learning classes a beautiful sight was seen. The Shul and “Square” was covered with many eager Campers learning Mishnayos Baal Peh, and being tested by the devoted staff.
The time for Mincha approached and Campers headed towards the Shul. They davened Mincha and heard a Siyum on the entire Maseches Tomid! by the Counselor Itche Itkin. The Campers than washed for Shalosh
Seudos, sat down, ate and watched a very special SHMARYONKEE. Moshe Hecht, Dovid Taub and Mendy Blesofsky put on a very entertaining and enjoyable performance. Maariv followed, than Havdala and than a very special activity…
Tonight was Dance Night! Featuring Eitan Golberg and Shmuli Rosefeld on the Keyboard, Yehudah Rosenberger on the Guitar, and Mendy Traxler on the Clarinet, Campers danced, danced and continued dancing. The campers went to sleep worn-out, however having sweet dreams about the expected visit of their Tatties and Mommies etc, tomorrow on visiting day.

Tisha Be’av in the Rebbe’s Camp

Wednesday evening: Before Tisha Be’av began, campers and staff changed
their shoes, ate the last Seudah before Tisha Be’av and than headed to
the Shul for Maariv.

Sitting down low on turned over benches, everyone davened Maariv.
Megilas Eicha was afterwards recited by Rabbi Mordechai Dubinsky.

Thursday: Reveille was 1 hour later on Thursday morning, Tisha Be’av.
After Davening campers under Bar Mitzvah ate Breakfast. Afterwards
the camp had exciting morning activities directed by the head counselors while the staff said Kinus.

After lunch the grand camper counselor game took place. The campers won
11-6. For all those that were not interested in going to the game there
were Tisha Be’av related videos played in the Shul, as well as many
board games in the guest dining-room. Later in the afternoon a grand
Bingo game was played under the direction of H.C.Y.G.

Throughout the day campers in the soccer field area witnessed a pleasant
sight. Due to the ever increasing demand, new “Ohelim” were being constructed to accommodate additional classes

As dusk neared, campers gathered into the Shul to daven Mincha. Kriah
for Tisha Be’av was leined by counselor Itche Itkin. Mincha was followed
by a Siyum on Maseches Smochos by learning teacher Efraim Rubin.

Everyone watched a video of the Rebbe after Mincha. Following the video,
everyone davened Maariv and than headed towards the dining room to eat
supper and break their fasts.

Heading towards the dining room, campers were greeted by a mouth-watering
aroma. It didn’t take much time until the campers guessed what was
drawing them closer and closer, it was pizza! To break the fast, Camp
Gan Israel ordered one hundred and forty delicious pies of pizza!
Campers and staff contently consumed their portions of fresh pizza,
accompanied by scrumptious French-fries.




This coming Sunday the 12th of Menachem-Av, Gan Yisroel, NY will be having it’s 2nd and final visiting day of the season.
Visiting day will start @ 12:00noon and go till 7:00pm.

There will be a special carnival with lots of exciting inflatable rides, games, sno-cones and much more.

The carnival rides are all FREE OF CHARGE and will be open to all campers and visitors. There will be a nominal fee for the sno-cones, popcorn and cotton candy.



New powerful florescent lighting installed in the main shul which is located is the camp square. The new eight fixtures which have been installed by Rabbis Yossie & Shloime Futerfases have a total output 1280 watts, which is an addition to the original existing fixtures. Now that the shul is much brighter I can read the Mar’eh Mekoimois foot notes said one Staff member who wishes to remain anonyms. This is the first of many upgrades to the camp buildings said Rabbi Futerfas. According to camp engineer Eric Taylor there are plans of adding an elaborate cable car system that will shuttle campers to the hill and will be powered by the unionized Parksville local 768. CGI was unable to verify these plans since Mr. Taylor hasent held a pencil in 34 years.


Campers and Staff were trembling in anticipation, as all gathered by the
Flagpole, for the great announcement, expected after three great days
of the 5763 Hiskashrus War. Predictions, calculations, reckonings and
even just simple guesses were overheard throughout the day, as the time
neared for the great moment of truth.

Teams Chosid and Shliach gathered, each team being their awesome
Generals. The judges arrived. A tremor passed through everyone as the
Judges prepared to announce the
Grand winners. The
Judges simultaneously called out the winners. Under the talented
Leadership of Simi Morgenstern, TEAM SHLIACH WON HISKASHRUS WAR 5763.