Grand Sing of Hiskashrus War in the Rebbe’s Camp –

The second day of color war continued with a bang, everybody looking forward to the Grand Sing at night. Campers woke up especially early to learn and complete their quotas for Mishnayos Baal Peh, which they recited all day long to the tayere Staff. The day was filled with smashing Davening, Benching, fun activities and races in the afternoon, including a very special team time for both teams to learn their Alma Maters. Throughout the day staff members worked very hard on setting up the Shul. Both teams prepared dazzling props and backdrops, as well as striking costumes featuring their themes.

As night began to descend, all campers got dressed up into their costumes. The team of Chosid dressed up like Pirates, and the team of Shliach dressed up like Poilishe Chasidim.

After each team was fully dressed, they each lined up in formation, and then were dismissed to the Shul. Both teams entered the Shul and settled themselves down to their teams amazing backdrops.

Campers began with their cheers, after some time the cheer slowly changed to “Hear come the judges” as the grand judges made their entry, each one outfitted in a judges robe and wig.

The time arrived for both generals to make their grand entry. To the background of a fierce storm in the ocean, Pirate Chief General Yehudah Stern managed to pull him self to safety, after nearly being overcome by the great waves. To the cheers and encouragement of his fellow pirates, he stood up and addressed them.
Subsequently General Simi Morgenstern made his grand entry, over the Williamsburg Bridge, as a Poilishe Rebbe. He headed towards the “Tisch” and began addressing his crowd of Chasidim.

Judge Yoelish Ganz than started a Nigun, both teams joined in with a smashing Chayus. Following the Nigun both teams presented their theme songs. Team Chosid presented their song first, composed by Eli Rosenfeld and preformed under the direction of Levi Gansburg. Team Shliach followed afterwards with their theme song.

The program continued with the theme speech. The speech explained the theme of the team and how the costumes are connected to it. Zev Allision spoke for team Chosid and Moishe Denberg spoke team Shliach.

The presentation of the Alma Maters began. Team Chosid proceeded, singing a very beautiful song, written by Eli Rosenfeld. Team Shliach followed, singing another beautiful song, featuring an original tune by General Simi Morgenstern. Each team then sang their Hebrew song, everyone singing with great enthusiasm. The Campers continued on singing on Lebidike Nigunim, creating an incredible atmosphere.

Amid all the singing, everyone stopped to hear an inspiring speech from Camp Executive Director Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov. Rabbi Shemtov spoke about the life of a Chosid and Shliach, how it is not just a Color War theme, rather it should be continued in everyone’s homes, throughout the year.

Laughter resounded off the walls of the Shul, as Itche Itkin and Yanky Denberg recited the lyrics of their very own comedy song. Itche and Yanky than continued on recited their Grammen for team Shliach; the campers were already falling off their seats from amusement. Getzy Markowitz continued, reciting side-splitting Grammens for the team Chosid.

The Shul soon filled up with hundreds of sincere young voices, davening the last Maariv of Hiskashrus War 5763. After singing many more Nigunim and Camp songs the Campers went to sleep enthused with Chayus and exited to find out the results tomorrow…



This year’s annual Yarchei Kalla, held in Camp Gan Yisroel, NY will be very special. 5763 marks 30 years since the Yarchei Kalla was founded to mark the Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe’s father, HaRav, HaGaon, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Z”TL.
To mark the 30th anniversary, the biggest and broadest Yarchei Kalla program ever is being planned.

For the last 2 weeks, a group of Bochurim, under the direction of Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov having been working hard on coordinating and planning the program

As advertised in the Kfar Chabad, participation at this years Yarchei Kalla will include “Kol Gedolei HaTorah VeHaChassidus shel Doraynu, Dor HaShevee’ee, Roshei Yeshivos veHamshpi’im beTomche Tmimim Mikol Katzvay Tayvel”.

The opening session will take place IYH Thursday the 16th of Menachem-Av and the grand Melava Malka will take place IYH Motzei Shabbos Parshas Eikev @ 10:30pm. Both programs will be held in the CGI Shul in Kiryat Gan Israel, NY.

Grand Plays of Hiskashrus War 5763

Before a record breaking audience in camp and around the world, via the
exclusive CGI Webcam, hundreds in camp and around the world viewed the
Grand Hiskashrus War Plays.

Performing first was the team of Chosid. They preformed a wonderful play
about a young man who ventured out into the business world. As a result
of his actions he got his company into a lot of trouble. This play was
a parable onto the life of a Chosid how everything that he does and the
way he conducts himself, has an effect on everything.

Following the first play everyone went to the dining room for supper.
They returned, sat down and got ready to watch the second play of the
team of Shliach.

The play was about two young men who escape the orphanage and go into
the woods. By chance they meet the prime minister and conspire to
overthrow the evil king. After overthrowing the king the prime minister
takes over the power. He knighted his young helpers and told them not to stay in the capital and benefit, rather they must go out and spread
the message of fairness and liberty throughout the provinces. The play
gave out the message that every single Chosid can’t just sit at home;
rather he must travel on Shlichus to bring the Geula closer.

Both plays were performed beautifully, featuring amazing backdrops which
were painstakingly prepared throughout the day. Everyone, including a
worldwide audience on the Gan Yisroel exclusive Webcam enjoyed yet
another successful series of Grand plays in Camp Gan Yisroel.

On Tuesday night, exclusive coverage of the 5763 Hiskashrus War Grand
Sing will be shown on the Camp Gan Yisroel Webcam so make sure to Tune


On Sunday morning the 5th of Av a coach bus filled with 60 men, women and children from Toronto, Ontario and on their way to New York, pulled up to Gan Yisroel, NY for a brief visit.
The group was accompanied by Shluchim Rabbi Yosef Gansburg & Rabbi Mendy Kaplan.

While the men experienced a lebedike camp Shachris in the Shul the women milled around on the front lawn.

After Shachris the entire camp greeted the group with a smashing “Haveinu Sholom Aleichem”.

Before going on their way the group was treated to a delicious breakfast in the guest dining room during which they were addressed by Executive Camp Director Rabbi Avrohom Y. Shemtov.

PS. One of the visitors later remarked to an organizer that he was very impressed with the camp and he would like to send his son to CGINY next year IYH.

Hiskashrus war continues in The Rebbes Camp

Monday morning: All campers woke up bright and early for another exiting
day of Hiskashrus war in Gan Yisroel. The dining room and guest dining
room were filled up with campers, eager to complete their quotas for
Mishnayos Baal Peh. The Shul and dining room were beautifully decorated
by the hard working staff, which stayed up, preparing for yet another
smashing day of color war.

Following breakfast both teams, Chosid and Shliach, presented their
Halacha skits. Campers fell off their chairs laughing, as each team
portrayed different situations in Halacha, through humorous skits.

After learning classes each team gathered for team time. During team
time everyone learned their theme songs which were written the night
before. After lunch each team presented their songs before the judges
and the other team. As we go to press, Hiskashrus war continues to be a
smashing success.

Color War Day 1

Motzei Shabbos: As all Campers headed up towards the hill before lights
out, they saw an extremely terrifying scene. Behind the baseball field,
on the other side of the fence, AGM Meir Lax and GM Mendy Traxler were
cutting down a tree together. Suddenly a scream pierced the air as Mendy
slipped and the tree fell onto his foot. Meir quickly called into his
radio for immediate help, as the campers scampered into their bunks. EMT
Mendy Litzman quickly arrived on the scene with his sirens blaring, as
he immediately rescued Mendy from the tree and drove off with him. The
campers went to sleep, scared of the wors but hoping for the best.

Sunday: Camp was much honored to host a large group from Toronto. This
group of mekuravim from Toronto, accompanied by their Shliach Rabbi
Gansburg, had the privilege to visit the Rebbes camp, on their way to
the Ohel. They were greeted with a smashing “Haveinu Shalom Aleichem”
They were most impressed by the Campers and their devoted staff,
especially the Chasidishe atmosphere in which the camp is being run.

After Shachris the campers all recited tehillim together, in connection
with the incident that occurred the night before. The day continued as
planned. Towards the late afternoon a slight drizzle started, and as
thunderstorms were expected, all campers gathered into the shul for a
general learning class. Rabbi Baras started relating a very interesting
story, the Campers listened on, interested. In middle Rabbi Futerfas
walked in and whispered some words to Rabbi Baras. The Campers looked up
as HCYG took over. HCYG told the Campers about the
serious situation in which one of the Staff members were in and explained that he is undergoing surgery at this time. Siddurim
were handed out and everyone began reciting Tehillim. HCSM made a heartful plea for silence, on behalf of his friend
Mendy, who he himself hired. HCSM choked in tears as he wondered aloud
how he would face Mendy again. Suddenly the curtains opened and Mendy
Traxler himself stood in the center, holding a chainsaw, screaming:
The Campers let out a great sigh of relief as the Staff rushed to the
center of the Shul and started dancing. Mendy Traxler was lifted up, as
all the Campers looked on in excitement. The campers than stayed in the
Shul as the teams were split up.

Hey, I knew it the whole time!…….

The Camp was divided into two teams, the team of Shliach and the team of
Chossid, The name of the war is Hiskashrus War.

Leading the team of Shliach is HC Simi Morgenstern as
General, Zalmy Greenberg as Lieutenant General and Isser New and Shmuly
Blesofsky as Captains. General Simi made his grand appearance dressed in
army fatigues, as the team of Shliach cheered in approval.

Leading the team of Chossid is LD Yehudah Stern as General,
Levi Gansurg as Lieutenant General and Levi Lipskar and Mendy Schapiro as
Captains. With professional Baseball commentary playing in the background,
General Yehudah, dressed in a complete Baseball uniform, dived onto the
stage scoring a home-run for his team.

Following the split-up, the first ever Mincha of the 5763 Hiskashrus war
took place. Both teams outdid themselves with lots of Chayus and fervor. Both teams were than dismissed by their Generals to the dining
room. After Benching the Campers headed towards the Shul to watch the
spectacular Scavengers.

Team Shliach were first with their Scavengers. They put on a very
amusing Scavenger about Hatzoloh. A second Scavenger followed depicting
a bus ride. After the first round of Scavengers everyone davened the
fist Maariv of the 5763 Hiskashrus War, and as by Mincha, both teams
davened beautifully. Following Maariv and a short video of the Rebbe,
team Chosid presented their Scavengers, including a very comical one
portraying a very important Jewish ritual. The Campers afterwards
recited Krias Shema and than headed towards their bunks.