A new system has been introduced for the Bar Mitzvah Division’s seder chassidus. Previously, chassidus was learned with the same learning class as the other sedarim. Since Friday, a class of chassidus consists of two to four boys. Many learning teachers of younger classes, as well as some general staff, were asked to teach chassidus. Each learning teacher can teach what he feels suits his class, however most classes are learning selections from a sefer called “Mehusom Shel Yisroel” by R. Yoel Kahn.

This Friday night, the Number One Division, Bunks Aleph through Daled, had a separate minyan for Kabbalas Shabbos. They davened in the BMD Zal.

The yearly Dance Night took place this Motzai Shabbos. The benches in the Shul were moved to the sides, and the center of the Shul became the dance floor. Kitchen Manager Dovid Altien played the keyboard. Bar Mitzvah Division Head Shumly Friedman and Counselor Yehudah Friedman sang. At one point, General Manager Mendel Traxler juggled fire, much to the delight of the crowd. Snow cones were given out to all the campers. The singing and dancing lasted well over an hour, and a great time was had by all.