Last Motzai Shabbos the All-star Game took place. The best players of the camp played a game of hockey against each other in the Shul. The teams were: Krementchug, coached by Counselors Boruch Shneur Krinsky and Chaim Schneider, and Dnepetrovsk, coached by Counselors Leibel Kahanav and Hershel Spalter. Administrative Assistant Avremi Margolis, Computer Room Manager Chaim Litvin and Head Waiter Isser New refereed the game. Every player wore a camp T-shirt with his name and number on the back. Musical entertainment was provided throughout the game by Counselor Mendy Lowenthal on the guitar, MBP Director Moshe Frank on the Saxophone, Mendel Baras on the keyboard and Canteen Staff Zevi New on the bongo. The game ended in favor of Krementchug, five to two.