Super successful summer for Mishnayos Baal Peh

This year at Gan Yisroel Parksville N.Y. Mishnayos Baal Peh is rocking the house! The average daily attendance at cocoa club exceeds one hundred. The season and alltiem record was set on visiting day of the first session, when 219 campers k”ah showed up to cocoa club.

In addition, Mishnayos Baal Peh Director Moshe Frank keeps coming up with innovative ideas to make M.B.P. more enticing. Periodically pictures of the rebbe are given to all the campers that come to cocoa club. Every week bicycles are raffled off. Campers can earn tickets by coming to cocoa club or learning mishnayos baal peh on Shabbos.

Recently the new “Fresh Air Miles Program” was launched. The program is based on effort to include all campers. A camper can earn fresh “Air Miles” by coming to cocoa club or even doubling his miles by bringing his entire bunk. Campers can reach various levels of membership based on how many Air Miles they accumulated. Among the benefits of being a member are: automatic entry to all raffles, Rebbe pictures, an occasional barbecue, the privilege to an express line to buy nosh or get tested, get whipped cream on their cocoa and many more benefits.

The term “Fresh Air” alludes to the taharas havir that is accomplished when reviewing mishnayos baal peh.

This summer is also the first year that there is an M.B.P. program on Shabbos morning. The program is called “Chassidus Faren Davenen”. Every shabbos morning over one hundred campers gather in the soccer field to hear a sicha of the Rebbe and a story from M.B.P. Director Moshe Frank. It is interesting to note that this program started because campers were complaining that there was no cocoa club on Shabbos! All in all this summer has truly been exceptional for mishnayos baal peh, and will IYH continue until the last day! .