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Excitement was brewing in Dorney Park. Starting from the lunch area, and then making its way into the park itself. Visitors looked on as the Rebbe’s camp took the park by storm. Chants of, “CGI, CGI,” as well as other Gan Yisroel cheers, were heard throughout the park. From the Merry-go-round to the meanest roller coaster; from the log flume to the dizziest ride, Gan Yisroel influenced the park throughout, and made a huge Kiddush Hashem. People were impressed as they looked on, and wanted to learn more, which they did.
As much as the park enjoyed the campers, the campers enjoyed it, because having the time of your life is what’s expected from the greatest camp on earth.


After a hit play by the Bar Mitzvah Division, bringing the campers back to 1600s and a sinister plot, the campers Davened Maariv and headed for their bunkhouses, only to discover that a suspicious yellow paper had appeared on each and every campers pillow. On it was written a special message; basically: GET UP EARLY; WE WILL BE GOING ON A GRAND TRIP. Where to? To the park of excitement and wonders¦ DORNEY PARK!


The campers practiced their survival skills, collecting wood, building a fire, and roasting marshmallows, followed by a night under the stars (or rather, tent roofs). In the campers’ words, “We had such a great time!”


An exciting all-star game has been played by Gan Izzy’s pros

MBP priority-seating

Sixteen campers really enjoyed the plays during bog war.

At the plays, the Fresh Air Foundation (MBP) sponsored executive seating for select silver members of the Fresh Air Miles program. While these campers enjoyed these great seats on high comfortable bleachers, they also enjoyed an unlimited supply of soda and popcorn.
These campers all earned their status as silver members by attending Fresh Air Club (formely known as cocoa club) and learning the rebbe’s Hayom Yom in the early morning hours.
“The awards are only going to get better,” says CEO of the Fresh Air Foundation, Moshe Frank. “So I strongly reccomend all campers to join”.

Here’s a list of the campers who had executive seating arrangements:

Nissen Weisman
Yossi Miller
M.M. Katz
Shloime Lunger
M.M. Treitel (A)
M.M. Treitel (V)
Moishe Lokeinsky
M.M. Zweibel
Yisrael Yosef Gollub
Shmuly Shaulson
Levi Herman
M.M. Raskin (Bunk Yud Aleph)
M.M. Blesofsky
M.M. Lipsker
Moshe Adler
Chaim Dovid Grossbaum


Shnoozy reclaimed his title last night in an amazing comeback and an astounding turn of events with shocking revelations. Last night’s brawl ended in a handshake between the two sides and the revelation that it was all a hoax, upon which the crowd broke out in wild applause and sang, “To love a fellow Jew…” for they’ve all learned its lessons.

NAD ousted

A battered-up Shnoozy declined to comment on tonight’s horrendous attacks. What started out, innocently enough, as a nothing-out-of-the-ordinary-exciting-night-activity, abruptly ended with a barrage of water-balloons from Gan Izzy’s staff, a sure sign of their discontentment with Shnoozy’s performance. The staff took this a step further, and continued on to force him out of his position as Director of Night-Activity. The ousted Director sat forlornly in the shadows, after disgracefully being lead away, following his attempts at overtaking Matcho-Pillow, the newly-inaugurated replacement. Despite shouts of, “We want Shnoozy!” and, “No! Don’t take Shnoozy away!” the Anti-Shnoozy League prevailed, declaring Shnoozy’s position as Director of Night-Activity at Gan Yisroel, a thing of the past. Evidence leads experts to believe in existence of mystery suspect who may have instigated the attacks, and may still be on the loose.


Visiting day at camp gan israel ny 2005Even before visiting-day officially started, parents were already lining up, to find out for themselves what this camp is really like, as well as to show their appreciation to their son’s devoted staff members, who have made all those great times possible.


The geniuses of Gan Yisroel were put to the test today, as they analyzed carefully-prepared review-sheets in order to enhance and advance their knowledge of Reshuyos, Mivtzoim, the Rebbe, Brachos, and more, as the littler geniuses baked delicious golden-brown Chalos, filling the camp with a tantalizing aroma, physically and spiritually.
For, “Gan Yisroel is made from the best minds on earth.”


Gan Yisroel’s got it all, even talent. Last night, campers and staff were given the opportunity to display some of their talent (or lack of it), and what a show! A circus! A concert! Acrobatics! Gan Izzy’s got lots of talent, and that’s a fact.


When campers are convinced there’s gonna be an overnight, there’s gonna be an overnightWhen campers at Gan Yisroel (especially the BMD) are convinced there’s gonna be an overnight, there definitely AINT gonna be an overnight; there’s gonna be roller-skating (or bog-war).
Skaters World Roller Rink opened its doors to a camp on wheels. Campers had a blast, or just plain fun (whichever), as the wheels spun faster and faster, and even faster, and even faster yet! Half the camp whirling ‘round and ‘round, like a counter-clockwise-washing-machine, is a sight to see.
Of course there’s nothing like an outdoor dinner with musical accompaniment to top it all off, as expected from the GREATEST CAMP ON EARTH.


The inspiration began days before, as learning teachers, counselors, and head staff prepared the children spiritually and emotionally for the crucial moment when they would be standing before the Rebbe at the Ohel.
Sunday morning, Gimmel Tammuz, the campers envisioned themselves at a private Yechidus with the Rebbe, each facing his pocket-sized picture, as they wrote their personal Panim to be read at the Ohel.
Donning the stunning camp T-shirts, the campers boarded air-conditioned charter buses, and headed for the Ohel, where the campers were given priority over the huge crowd, entering through an express lane, prepared especially for the Rebbe’s campers.
This was of course followed by an inspirational Farbrengen at Beis Rivkah, Crown Heights, where the campers were treated to a delicious dinner, raising their voices in song and hope to be reunited with the Rebbe, once again very soon.


The DEP would be proud. We are proud to proclaim the air at CGI fresh and pure, filtered by an astounding 179 air-purifiers, sponsored by the Fresh Air Foundation. Moishie Frank, CEO of the innovative foundation, knows what it means to bring Mishnayos Baal Peh to the next level, and he has done it once more most outstandingly. Wow!

Gan Yisroel is prepared for all situations, are you?
How about joining us in this crash course on survival, where we will learn and experience survival (how to survive all) under the expert guidance of our very own survival director, Gershon Sandler. Yes, you’ve probably heard of him before, maybe even more than once, or twice; ‘cause talent returns again and again at Gan Yisroel.
-Survival Crash Course-
Step 1: Don’t get lost.
Step 2: Don’t panic
Step 3: Breath
Step 4: STOP (Stop, Think, Observe, Prepare)
Step 5: Find/build shelter (includes proper clothing and outer gear and other suppliers of warmth)
Step 6: Build fire
Step 7: Find water
Step 8: Find food
Step 9: Stop stepping, this is not a dance
But of course, the crash course aint nothin’ like the real thing, where you can experience flint stone scraping, birch bark lighting, water crossing, and lemongrass tasting; yum! Gan Yisroel serves it gourmet!


Camp Gan Israel 50th year logoCGI is off to another smashing (or rather splashing) start! There is nothing like being welcomed by our dedicated staff (not to mention those scrumptious danishes, accompanied by a cool glass of milk.) There is also nothing like being welcome with a storm; a rainstorm. This just goes to show: come rain, shine, thick, or thin, Gan Yisroel is having a blast!
The highlight, of course (other than Head Counselor Yudi’s highly informative speech) was meeting the counselors; and what counselors! The wild applause could only mean one thing; these counselors are on a roll! We can definitely look forward to this summer being the best summer ever!

Nobody could guess what this summer holds, but this start definitely hints at something out-of-the-ordinary.
Imagine this scene: you are seated in the Shul. After getting over the disappointment of camp songs not replacing night activity, you hear a loud popping sound. Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! It’s getting louder and louder. Then, a loud BOOM pierces the air (and your ear). What’s going on?
Have you ever tried snatching a seat when the music stops, only problem is, the seat is twice your height? How about tossing a ball into a basket, feeding a friend cereal, or having a pillow fight…blindfolded? These are just some of the wacky things that tell you: night activity 5765 has taken off with a bang!

What are things like Air Miles, Express Lanes, or Gold and Platinum Memberships doing in Gan Yisroel?
The record-breaking Fresh Air Foundation (formerly known as Mishnayos Baal Peh) CEO, Moshie Frank, is back and better then ever! In this newly innovated display of anticipation, stimulation, and exhilaration, Cocoa Club and Mishnayos Baal Peh will never be the same! With temptations like marshmallows to enhance your hot cocoa, barbecues, privileges, grand-trips, and much more, who could resist?