MBP priority-seating

Sixteen campers really enjoyed the plays during bog war.

At the plays, the Fresh Air Foundation (MBP) sponsored executive seating for select silver members of the Fresh Air Miles program. While these campers enjoyed these great seats on high comfortable bleachers, they also enjoyed an unlimited supply of soda and popcorn.
These campers all earned their status as silver members by attending Fresh Air Club (formely known as cocoa club) and learning the rebbe’s Hayom Yom in the early morning hours.
“The awards are only going to get better,” says CEO of the Fresh Air Foundation, Moshe Frank. “So I strongly reccomend all campers to join”.

Here’s a list of the campers who had executive seating arrangements:

Nissen Weisman
Yossi Miller
M.M. Katz
Shloime Lunger
M.M. Treitel (A)
M.M. Treitel (V)
Moishe Lokeinsky
M.M. Zweibel
Yisrael Yosef Gollub
Shmuly Shaulson
Levi Herman
M.M. Raskin (Bunk Yud Aleph)
M.M. Blesofsky
M.M. Lipsker
Moshe Adler
Chaim Dovid Grossbaum