NAD ousted

A battered-up Shnoozy declined to comment on tonight’s horrendous attacks. What started out, innocently enough, as a nothing-out-of-the-ordinary-exciting-night-activity, abruptly ended with a barrage of water-balloons from Gan Izzy’s staff, a sure sign of their discontentment with Shnoozy’s performance. The staff took this a step further, and continued on to force him out of his position as Director of Night-Activity. The ousted Director sat forlornly in the shadows, after disgracefully being lead away, following his attempts at overtaking Matcho-Pillow, the newly-inaugurated replacement. Despite shouts of, “We want Shnoozy!” and, “No! Don’t take Shnoozy away!” the Anti-Shnoozy League prevailed, declaring Shnoozy’s position as Director of Night-Activity at Gan Yisroel, a thing of the past. Evidence leads experts to believe in existence of mystery suspect who may have instigated the attacks, and may still be on the loose.


The geniuses of Gan Yisroel were put to the test today, as they analyzed carefully-prepared review-sheets in order to enhance and advance their knowledge of Reshuyos, Mivtzoim, the Rebbe, Brachos, and more, as the littler geniuses baked delicious golden-brown Chalos, filling the camp with a tantalizing aroma, physically and spiritually.
For, “Gan Yisroel is made from the best minds on earth.”


When campers are convinced there’s gonna be an overnight, there’s gonna be an overnightWhen campers at Gan Yisroel (especially the BMD) are convinced there’s gonna be an overnight, there definitely AINT gonna be an overnight; there’s gonna be roller-skating (or bog-war).
Skaters World Roller Rink opened its doors to a camp on wheels. Campers had a blast, or just plain fun (whichever), as the wheels spun faster and faster, and even faster, and even faster yet! Half the camp whirling ‘round and ‘round, like a counter-clockwise-washing-machine, is a sight to see.
Of course there’s nothing like an outdoor dinner with musical accompaniment to top it all off, as expected from the GREATEST CAMP ON EARTH.