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It was just yesterday when we said tearful goodbyes to some of our dear campers who will unfortunately not be enjoying the second session together with us; we wish them a great summer wherever they may be. At the same time, we had the opportunity to joyously welcome the new arrivals who will be having the priviledge of spending at least the second exciting session with us; it’s going to be the greatest.
After getting settled in comfortably, the campers, old and new alike, delighted themselves with an amazing fun trip to bowling today. It gave them a chance to get to know each other, to bond in a fun way, and the smiles definitely said it all.

CGI NY wishes the President a Happy 60th Birthday


Last week, campers in Camp Gan Yisroel, NY posed for a unique picture in the lineup area in front of the flagpole. As it was President Bush’s 60th birthday they lined up in “Happy 60th Mr. President” formation.

Visiting day in Camp Gan Yisroel – Parksville, NY

Camp Gan Israel Staff Convene

150 Staff members of the veteran Camp Gan Israel of Parksville, New York, gathered in preparation of the fiftieth season of the camp. Camp director, Yossi Futerfas, told COL that this would be the most impressive season in terms of the number of campers and in terms of new and exciting programs.

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