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Photos: Gan Yisroel NY Visits the Ohel

Gan Yisroel of Parksville, NY visited the Ohel and Davend in 770.

Published: July 30 2010

CGI NY Marks End of 1st Month with Banquet!


Campers & BMD’ers enjoyed a grand banquet, marking the end of the first month of summer, where winners of competitions were awarded prizes, and counselors and campers danced together.

Published: July 26 2010

Photos: Eicha in Camp Gan Israel, Parksville

Campers and counselors recited Eicha in Gan Israel, Parksville NY.

Published:July 20 2010

Camp Gan Israel 5770 campers across the country Davening with extra Kavana thanks to Nosson Deitsch OBM

This year, campers in Gan Israel Overnight Camps all over the country are learning about the history and order of the daily Tefillos.

The beautiful color “Va’ani Tifeelusee” booklet designed by Spotlight Design goes through the first half of davening – from Modeh Ani till Kaddish following Yishtabach. Every Tefilla is accompanied by a relevant part from Gemora pertaining to that part of Davening. There are also the Halochos, Minhagim and history of how that Tefilla was compiled and why it is in that place in davening. A short chassidic thought and story are included as well.

At the end of each Tefilla there are review questions.

The project was researched by a team of bochurim from 770, in their spare time, in memory of their friend Nosson Deitsch OBM.

The second booklet will go through the rest of the Teffilos till Oleinu.

Camper list 07/01/2010

Alphabetized List—Current to 7/1/2010

Name                                      Bunk   Position                      Name                                      Bunk   Position

Abend,                                        י״א  Camper                          Coen, Moshe Dovid                      י״ב   Camper

Alperowitz, Chaim Moshe             כ״ג  Camper                          Davis, Mordechai                         י״ח   Camper

Alperowitz, Levi                          ט״ז  Camper                          Davis, Yehuda                               ב׳   Camper

Altman, Avi                                 י״ט  Camper                          Dechter, Yosef Yitzchok                 י׳   Camper

Andrusier, Chaim Asher                 ה׳  Camper                          Deitsch, Avraham                       כ״א   Camper

Azimov (Zyslin), Mendel               י״א  Camper                          Deitsch, Avrohom                        כ״ב   Camper

Bartfield, Isaac                            ט״ו  Camper                          Deitsch, David                               א׳   Camper

Bartfield, Yaakov                        כ״ב  Camper                          Deitsch, Mendel                           ט״ז   Camper

Baumgarten, Zelig                          ה׳  Camper                          Deutsch, Levi                               כ״ג   Camper

Bendet, Levi                                כ״ב  Camper                          Donin, Yoeli                                  ח׳   Camper

Benjaminson, Shmuel                    י״ד  Camper                          Drizin, yossi                                  י״ז   Camper

Benjaminson, Yisroel                      ה׳  Camper                          Dubov, Mottie                               י״ג   Camper

Benkhen, Yossi                             ט׳  Camper                          Dubrawsky, Mordechai Tzvi         כ״ג   Camper

Bettoun, Menachem Mendel         ט״ז  Camper                          Duchman, Benzion                         כ׳   Camper

Blesofsky, Yisroel                        כ״ג  Camper                          Engel, Levi                                    ד׳   Camper

Blotner, Moshe                            כ״א  Camper                          Engel, Yeruchem                         י״ט   Camper

Bluming, Mendel                            ב׳  Camper                          Engel, Yosef                                ט״ו   Camper

Boaron, Yossi                              י״ט  Camper                          Farkash, Menachem                     ט״ו   Camper

Bogomilsky, Israel                        ט״ו  Camper                          Felberman, Mendy                        י״ז   Camper

Boymelgreen, Mendel                     כ׳  Camper                          Feldman, Eliezer                             כ׳   Camper

Brawer, Mendel                            י״ז  Camper                          Fellig, Levi                                    ח׳   Camper

Brikman, Ari                                  ב׳  Camper                          Fellig, Yossi                                 י״א   Camper

Brikman, Isser                              י״ב  Camper                          Fogelman, Chaim                           א׳   Camper

Brikman, Isser                               ה׳  Camper                          Fogelman, Yossi                             כ׳   Camper

Brikman, Isser                               כ׳  Camper                          Fridman, Tzvi                                ט׳   Camper

Brikman, Tzvi Dov                         ב׳  Camper                          Fridman, Yossi                             כ״ד   Camper

Bronstein, Dovi                               ג׳  Camper                          Friedman, Aharon Aizik                י״ט   Camper

Bronstein, Menachem                  ט״ו  Camper                          Friedman, Dovber                         י״ד   Camper

Bronstein, Sholom                          א׳  Camper                          Friedman, Levy Yitzchok                ג׳   Camper

Brown, Yehuda                              ד׳  Camper                          Friedman, Menachem                    ח׳   Camper

Butman, Zalman                             ו׳  Camper                          Friedman, Shalom                           ד׳   Camper

Cadaner, Shmuel                          י״א  Camper                          Friedman, Yitzchak                      י״ט   Camper

Capland, Mendel                          כ״ב  Camper                          Futerfas, Yossie                            א׳   Camper

Carlebach, Menachem                  י״ח  Camper                          Fyzakov, Aryeh Yehuda               ט״ו   Camper

Caroline, Yosef                             י״ג  Camper                          Gansburg, Shimshy                      כ״א   Camper

Chazanow, Dov                           ט״ו  Camper                          Gansburg, Zalman                          ט׳   Camper

Chein, Avraham Eliyahu               י״ב  Camper                          Geisinsky, Moshe Aaron               כ״ג   Camper

Chitrik, Eli                                      ג׳  Camper                          Geisinsky, Moshe Aharon             כ״ג   Camper

Alphabetized List —July 1, 2010 at 2:42 PM — Page 1


Name                                      Bunk   Position                      Name                                      Bunk   Position

Goldberg, Mendel                          ח׳  Camper                          Kaplan, Yakov Yehuda                  ט׳   Camper

Goldfarb, Menachem Mendel          ו׳  Camper                          Katz, Avraham                             י״ב   Camper

Goldman, Mendel                            ז׳  Camper                          Katz, Meir                                   י״ב   Camper

Goldman, Mendel                           כ׳  Camper                          Katz, Moshe                                 י״ד   Camper

Goldstein, Aharon                          ב׳  Camper                          Katz, Schneur Zalman                     י׳   Camper

Goldstein, Mendy                          י״ד  Camper                          Katzman, Shlomie                         י״ב   Camper

Gordon, Menachem Mendel                 Camper                          Katzman, Yehoshua Zelig            כ״א   Camper

Gorodetsky, Binyamin                     י׳  Camper                          Katzoff, Menachem Mendel           ה׳   Camper

Greene, Arele                                 ו׳  Camper                          Keller, Sholom Dovber                   ט׳   Camper

Greenspan, Zevi                             ה׳  Camper                          Kievman, Abraham                      כ״ב   Camper

Gross, Elie                                    י״ד  Camper                          Kievman, Elimelech                       א׳   Camper

Groyer, Menachem Mendel             ו׳  Camper                          Kievman, Yosef Yitzchok              א׳   Camper

Gurevitch, Shmuel                         י״ז  Camper                          Kogan, Aron                                 י״ג   Camper

Gutleizer, Chaim                             י׳  Camper                          Kogan, Moshe                              י״ג   Camper

Harlig, Moishy                              י״ג  Camper                          Kogan, Yossi                                  ו׳   Camper

Harlig, Mordechai                           ו׳  Camper                          Kopel, Avrohom                          כ״א   Camper

Harlig, Motty                                  ו׳  Camper                          Korf, Yisrael                                  ד׳   Camper

Hayman, Levy                            כ״א  Camper                          Krasnjansky, Yisroel Dovber          ח׳   Camper

Heber, Chaim                                כ׳  Camper                          Kreislman, Chaim Shalom              ט׳   Camper

Heber, Schneur Zalman                  ה׳  Camper                          Krinsky, Schneur                           ה׳   Camper

Heber, Sholom Ber                       כ״ג  Camper                          Krinsky, Shmaya                          ט״ז   Camper

Hecht, Danny                                א׳  Camper                          Kudan, Chaim                               ט׳   Camper

Hecht, Melli                                 כ״ג  Camper                          Kugel, Moshe                               י״ז   Camper

Hecht, Menachem Mendel             ב׳  Camper                          Laytin, David                               ט״ז   Camper

Hecht, Mendel                               ד׳  Camper                          Laytin, Nadav                              ט״ז   Camper

Hecht, Mendi                                י״ג  Camper                          Laytin, Yaakov                            ט״ז   Camper

Hecht, Moshe                               י״ג  Camper                          Lazar, Levy Yitzchok                   כ״ד   Camper

Hecht, Yaacov                               ז׳  Camper                          Lazaroff, Lazer                              ד׳   Camper

Hein, Yossi                                    כ׳  Camper                          Lazaroff, Menachem                     י״ג   Camper

Helman, Mendy                           י״ח  Camper                          Lefkowitz, Yisroel Aryeh             כ״א   Camper

Hirsch, Daniel                              ט״ו  Camper                          Lehrer, Yosef Yitzchok                 י״ז   Camper

Hurwitz, Eliyahu Chaim                   ז׳  Camper                          Lepkivker, Menachem                   י״ז   Camper

Hurwitz, Menachem Mendel           ד׳  Camper                          Leverton, Menachem Mendel         ד׳   Camper

Hurwitz, Moshe yaakov                י״ט  Camper                          Levertov, Naftoli                           י״ג   Camper

Ivry, David                                   י״ג  Camper                          Levitan, Nachum                            ד׳   Camper

Jacobson, Levi                               ח׳  Camper                          Levitin, Aaron Hillel                     ט״ו   Camper

Jacobson, Zevi                              י״ג  Camper                          Levitin, Ari                                  ט״ו   Camper

Junik, Dovid                                  י״ז  Camper                          Lew, Moshe                                כ״א   Camper

Kanelsky, Mendy                            י׳  Camper                          Lew, Schneur Zalman                     ו׳   Camper

Kaplan, Menachem Mendel          כ״ב  Camper                          Lew, Schneur Zalman                     ז׳   Camper

Kaplan, Shraga Meilach                 א׳  Camper                          Liberow, Shaya                            כ״ד   Camper

Alphabetized List —July 1, 2010 at 2:42 PM — Page 2


Name                                      Bunk   Position                      Name                                      Bunk   Position

Lipsh, Yeshaya                              ט׳  Camper                          Raskin, Yehoshua                          א׳   Camper

Litzman, Menachem Mendel         י״ט  Camper                          Rendler, Avrohom                           י׳   Camper

Malamud, Chesky                           ג׳  Camper                          Rimler, Ari                                   י״ד   Camper

Malamud, Shlomo                           כ׳  Camper                          Rimler, Chezki                                ו׳   Camper

Malka, Meir Shlomo                       ח׳  Camper                          Rimler, Tzviki                                י״ז   Camper

Marozov, Leibi                               ז׳  Camper                          Rogatsky, David                            ב׳   Camper

Marrus, Menachem Mendel          י״א  Camper                          Rogatsky, Menachem Mendel       י״ב   Camper

Meijers, Shmuly                              י׳  Camper                          Rosenblum, Levy                         כ״ד   Camper

Meyers, Mordechai                         ו׳  Camper                          Rosenfeld, Boruch                        י״ח   Camper

Minkowitz, Uziel                            ט׳  Camper                          Rosenfeld, Zalman                       י״ח   Camper

Minsky, Menachem                      כ״ג  Camper                          Rotenstreich, Menachem                 ו׳   Camper

Moldavsky, Eleazer                         ו׳  Camper                          Rotenstreich, Yosef                       ח׳   Camper

Muller, Akiva                               י״א  Camper                          Rozenson, Menachem Tzvi           כ״ד   Camper

Muss, Chaim                                 ב׳  Camper                          Russell, Alexander                       כ״א   Camper

Naparstek, Dovie                          י״ז  Camper                          Salek, Levi                                     ג׳   Camper

Neuwirth, Rummi                           ג׳  Camper                          Samuels, Yisroel                             י׳   Camper

Neuwirth, Yehuda                        י״א  Camper                          Sandman, Dovid                            א׳   Camper

New, Yisroel                                  ז׳  Camper                          Schaffran, Benzion Dovid              י״ד   Camper

New, Yosef                                 י״ט  Camper                          Schanowitz, Levi Yitzchok              ז׳   Camper

Newman, Eli                                ט״ז  Camper                          Schapiro, Levi Yitzchok                 י״ג   Camper

Newman, Moishie                           ז׳  Camper                          Schochet, Eli                                  ג׳   Camper

Oberlander, Eliezer                      כ״ד  Camper                          Schtroks, Levi                             כ״א   Camper

Pewzner, Nissan                          כ״ד  Camper                          Schwei, Yisroel Shlomo                  ט׳   Camper

Piekarski, Chaim Eliyahu              י״ט  Camper                          Sharfstein, Yaakov Chaim             י״ב   Camper

Piekarski, Menachem Mendel         ב׳  Camper                          Shemtov,                                     ט״ז   Camper

Piekarski, Menachem Mendel       כ״ד  Camper                          Shemtov, Eliezer                          ט״ז   Camper

Piekarski, Mendel                         י״ב  Camper                          Shemtov, Mendel                          י״ב   Camper

Pinson, Yisroel                             י״ד  Camper                          Shemtov, Shneur                            ה׳   Camper

Polter, Yosef                                י״ד  Camper                          Sherman, Levi Yitzchok               כ״א   Camper

Posner, Sholom Dovber                  ד׳  Camper                          Sherman, oran                               ח׳   Camper

Posner, Yisroel                             כ״ג  Camper                          Simpson, Avrohom Shlomo           י״ח   Camper

Posner, Yosef                              ט״ו  Camper                          Simpson, Yosef                             ח׳   Camper

Rabin, Menachem                        ט״ו  Camper                          Sirota, Shlomo                              י״ד   Camper

Raitport, Dovid                               י׳  Camper                          Slavin, Dov                                  י״ט   Camper

Raksin, Laizer                               י״ז  Camper                          Slavin, Menachem Mendel            כ״ד   Camper

Raksin, Levik                                  י׳  Camper                          Slavin, Yehoshua                            ד׳   Camper

Raksin, Mendel                               י׳  Camper                          Slonim, Mendel                               ז׳   Camper

Rapoport, Avi                               כ״ג  Camper                          Soffer, Schabse                              ג׳   Camper

Rapoport, Chaim                          כ״ד  Camper                          Sperlin, Moshie                             י״ב   Camper

Rapoport, Menachem                      ג׳  Camper                          Sudak, Pinchos                             י״ח   Camper

Rappoport, Menachem                   א׳  Camper                          Swued, Yossi                               כ״ד   Camper

Alphabetized List —July 1, 2010 at 2:42 PM — Page 3


Name                                      Bunk   Position                      Name                                      Bunk   Position

Taichman, Shmuly                           י׳  Camper

Telsner, Menachem Mendel          י״ב  Camper

Telsner, Mendel                           י״ב  Camper

Telsner, Yehuda                             ג׳  Camper

Tolchinsky, Noton                           ו׳  Camper

Tolchinsky, Yisroel                       י״ח  Camper

Truxton, Yirmiyahu                      י״א  Camper

Turk, Israel                                  כ״ד  Camper

Vaisfiche, avrohom shlomo           י״א  Camper

Vigler, Yekutiel Zusha                    ב׳  Camper

Vogel, Mendel                                ז׳  Camper

Volovik, Mendel                             ד׳  Camper

Weber, Menachem                       י״א  Camper

Weinstein, Uziel                           ט״ז  Camper

Wiener, Dovid Shlomo                    ה׳  Camper

Wilhelm, Menachem Mendel         י״ד  Camper

Wilhelm, Mendel                            כ׳  Camper

Wilhelm, Zalmy                              ה׳  Camper

Winter, Berel                                 כ׳  Camper

Winter, Levi                                 י״ד  Camper

Wolosow, Zalmy                          י״א  Camper

Yadger, Dovid                               ט׳  Camper

Yarmush, Dovid Aryeh                  ב׳  Camper

Zaetz, Dovid                                   ג׳  Camper

Zaklikovsky, Mendel                      ב׳  Camper

Zakon, Shaya                                י״ז  Camper

Zarchi, Levi                                 כ״ג  Camper

Zarchi, Mendel                              ח׳  Camper

Zarchi, Mendel                             כ״ג  Camper

Zarchi, Yaakov Meir                      ח׳  Camper

Zeiler, Menachem Mendel                   Camper

Zeiler, Tanchum                          כ״ב  Camper

Zirkind, Sholom Dov Ber                 ז׳  Camper

Zulauf, Menachem Mendel           י״ח  Camper

Zuntz, Shmuly                              י״ח  Camper

Zwiebel, Meir                               י״ז  Camper