The First Three Days of Camp

We’re up and rolling again!!!!

CGI got off on an amazing start with a smashing first three days, and as always – “has it really already been three days?” – each day is so full of fun and excitement it just flies by, and by the time you stop to think, a whole day’s gone and another’s coming up. So let’s see… Tuesday everyone arrived to a greeting of chocolate and cinnamon danishes with a glass (alright plastic but it sounds better) of cold milk. The scene of every year repeated itself as old campers, counselors and learning teachers greeted each other and everyone got ready to begin another amazing summer. After a speech from the head counselors the bunks were split and everyone got settled in. Wednesday began the learning program with the splitting of the kvutzas, and the first couple of classes. Thursday was the first trip, to Skate Estate, where the campers spun themselves dizzy on the roller skating rink got soaked on the water slides and then tried target practice (on each other) in the laser tag area. In short, between great cookies in the morning, great activities, great learning program, great meals and one great trip, I’d say we’re off to a great start!