Week in Review

The first week has gone, and all are scratching their heads, perplexed as to where it could have gone
so fast. But considering all the fun we had, who’s surprised it flew by. There were the usual, grand
speeches, and the unpacking and resettling of the bunkhouses. Then after
just a couple of days, the first trip of the month happened. This trip, later to be known as bowling,
involved the entire camp splitting into three groups, driving to a very colorful building, and last but most
importantly, rolling big heavy balls down a narrow, slippery floor, in an attempt to knock over some
very peaceful, upright, wooden obstacles. While this description may eliminate any semblance of
excitement otherwise felt when discussing or playing the above mentioned “bowling”, it was in fact a
great success and lots of fun, thanks to our dear E.C.A.D.s. I am looking forward to many more exciting trips and activities, as the second month, has only just begun.