“Big Three” Join Conference


In response to the growing hype around CGI Central’s inaugural Camp Training Conference, the three largest overnight camps in North America have enrolled their staff in Thursday’s program.

The conference, which was originally geared for day camp staff, will now service 200 staff members of CGI’s Detroit, Montreal, and Parksville.

Overnight staff will engage in three courses: Bullying Awareness, Abuse and Molestation Awareness and Prevention, and Positive Discipline.

Rabbi Shlomie Rabin, Director of CGI Central, told Collive that the inclusion of overnight camps is a “welcome development.”

“Our goal is to educate and train all camp staff and the participation of the ‘big three’ shows that our message is being recognized for its importance.”

Taking place tomorrow on Thursday, Tammuz 1 (June 21), the full day conference, which features a keynote address from well renowned Michael Brandwein, will be held in Beis Rivka Crown St for girls and Oholei Torah for boys. Over 40 camps have registered and more than 400 staff members are expected to participate.

The conference has been granted Educational Endorsement by the ACA, and also offers staff up to seven Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s).

To see the Schedule or for more information, please see the website.