Campers Prepare Own Kovetz He’oros

The concept of writing in kovtzim is now taking on a whole new meaning. Here in C.G.I. Parksville, the staff have come up with a revolutionary idea; to bring the Kovetz He’oros to the campers by creating their very own “Campers’ Kovetz”. Giving the campers the opportunity to express their creative youthful questions and answers in a fun and rewarding way.
Although this idea has never been tried before and is only two weeks old, it is already proving to be very promising. “It’s only the second week and we are pleasantly surprised by the nonstop flow of submissions that keep coming in” says one of the editors, who is also a staff member in camp.

Inside the Kovetz there is a wealth of knowledge for the campers to explore. The first section contains the questions and answers by the campers. Next comes the “Food for Thought” – which is quite literally food for thought, to help the campers dig a little deeper into the subjects being learnt in camp.
Just to bring the project past the finish line you will find two additional sections in the Kovetz, “It’s a Fact” contains interesting facts on the topics being learnt, and a page of riddles titled “Ever Wonder”. Finally, a story page can be found on the back page of the Kovetz to leave the campers with a sweet “after taste”.

We hope you will enjoy the Kovetz. You may be amazed by the quality of some of the “Klotz Kashes” some of which can only be pondered by the pure mind of a child. Once again, enjoy!