Day 2 Photos

Campers awoke this morning to the first complete day of Gan Yisroel 5773. In addition to the learning classes and regular activities the campers were treated to an adventurous game of laser tag, a mysterious magic show and most important of all; the launch of this summer’s spectacular Mishnayis Baal Peh program.

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IMG_3191 IMG_3197IMG_3124IMG_3026

IMG_3199 IMG_3202 IMG_3206  IMG_3214   IMG_3090 IMG_3094 IMG_3096 IMG_3100 IMG_3101 IMG_3108 IMG_3117 IMG_3122  IMG_3133 IMG_3135 IMG_3139 IMG_3144 IMG_3146 IMG_3150 IMG_3171 IMG_3175 IMG_3177  IMG_3181 IMG_3183 IMG_3186IMG_3178 IMG_3033IMG_3039IMG_3053IMG_3065IMG_3069IMG_3072IMG_3074IMG_3189


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