Gan Yisroel Elite

CGI Parksville NY is proud to announce the launch of a truly revolutionary program,

We call it, ‘Gan Yisroel Elite.’


This unique program was designed to enhance the campers appreciation towards yiddishkeit and chassidishkeit; to teach them what it means to be a Chossid and a camper in The Rebbe’s camp.

•  Each week we will focus on 1 Mission / Theme (8 themes throughout the summer)

•  Campers participate in a special weekly Farbrengen, connecting via satellite with Mashpiim and Shluchim around the Globe.

•  After Maariv every day campers fill out a Daily Check-list (דו”ח) of their accomplishments (which will be sent to the ohel).

•  When a camper completes his weekly mission he will receive a beautiful medal corresponding to that week’s theme at a weekly ceremony.

•  Campers go up in Rank for completing missions.

•  Camp’s Rebbe album this summer, was designed with the “Gan Yisroel Elite” program in mind, with campers collecting stickers of The Rebbe, and each spread of the album themed with the weekly mission.

•  Campers who excel in the program he will be honored at the banquet at the end of the summer.

The weekly themes that have been set in place, allow staff to stress the importance of the themes as each week progresses.

Counselors tell stories, learning teachers give classes, head counselors farbreng on shabbos, each one giving over the message of the weekly theme of camp.

The weekly Missions/Themes are:

יסודות – Essentials

גן ישראל – Camp Gan Israel

משיח – Moshiach

רבי – Rebbe

אהבת ישראל – Ahavas Yisroel

חסיד – Chossid

תפילה – Tefillah

החלטה – Hachlata

At the conclusion of the first week of the program, campers gathered in the shul. Camp’s Executive Director, Rabbi Shemtov gave over the message of the previous week of יסודות.

After which, campers received their first medals and rankings.38-IMG_431239-IMG_431940-IMG_443641-IMG_4482


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