Gan Yisroel Elite, Week 4: Rebbe

Day 20 EDITED1 This week is the fourth week in the Gan Yisroel Elite program. Being that it is also the week before Chof Av (when Gan Yisroel traditionally visits the Ohel and 770) the theme of this week is The Rebbe. Campers will learn about what a Rebbe is and how the Rebbe cares and loves for each one of us. To start of the theme this week, campers assembled in the Shul where a video of the Rebbe was shown. Followed by a video conference was with Minnesota Shliach Rabbi Mendel Feller who spoke about the theme. Learning Director Shmuli Perlstein asked review questions on topics discussed during the videos. The Ceremony concluded with Head Counselor Shimon Gorkin announcing this week’s Mission. Campers can focus on emulating the Rebbe by being sensitive towards others or by the unique attententivness to details of Mitzvos, by saying Brochos inside the Siddur. Campers who completed last weeks’ mission (Moshiach week), were presented with a ‘Moshiach’ Mission medal. More photos in the full article. Click on of the images below to enter the gallery, then click on the arrows to navigate through the gallery. To exit the gallery click on the X in top left hand corner.

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