Klooger All-Star Game!

1-Day 23 PART 3 EDITED

Wednesday night featured one of the moments that all campers have been eagerly anticipating: The Klooger All-Star game! Over the last few weeks campers have competed in their learning classes for the much sought after honor of representing their class as a ‘Star’ in the All Star Game. One learned winner from each class competed in the extremely competitive game where they demonstrated their knowledge of the material they have learnt since the beginning of the summer.

Names of the All-Stars and photos in the full article.

Team #1: Team #2: Team #3:
Mendy Rapoport Sholom Rivkin Menachem M Volovik
Kevutzah 17 Kevutzah 27 Kevutzah 22
Chaim Hecht Dovi Brikman Yisroel Uminer
Kevutzah 3 Kevutzah 26 Kevutzah 13
Motti Heppenheimer Mendel Perlman Mendel Deitsch
Kevutzah 8 Kevutzah 18 Kevutzah 10
Nochum Baron Chaim Heppenheimer Menachem Mendel Hein
Kevutzah 15 Kevutzah 26 Kevutzah 19
Ari Brod Kehos Herz Avraham Freeman
Kevutzah 13 Kevutzah 11 Kevutzah 14
Yehudah Leib Telsner Arele Raskin Nissin Lepkivker
Kevutzah 24 Kevutzah 12 Kevutzah 28
Menachem Mendel Brownstein Chaim Fogelman Arik Shemtov
Kevutzah 23 Kevutzah 18 Kevutzah 4

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