Scavenger Hunt: GISHREY

1-Day 31 ScavengerCampers of bunks Gimel, Hei, Yud-Daled & Tes Vov had a blast participating inthe ‘all new’ Scavenger hunt for 5773: GISHREY (Gan Israel Scavenger Hunt Race Exciting Yay!)’. The scavenger included 15 different objectives such as: Make an announcement on the P.A. -5 points, get something free from canteen – 10 points, say something on the Camp radios -15 points, bring Beso an ice cream -15 points and the pièce de résistance: Get Mendy Avtzon to teach you how to say “Gan Yisroel is the best camp in the universe” in Chinese – 10 points. The scavenger was also time based with the first team to successfully complete it deemed the winner.

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