Some Tears, Memories…

Renowned orator Rabbi YY Jacobson was in Camp Gan Israel in Parksville, NY, when the children concluded the summer season. And with the memories came his tears.

By Rabbi YY Jacobson

In a single moment, eleven years of memories swelled up in my heart. I was a mere spectator, but I could not hold back the tears.

You see, I have spent some eleven summers in that location which I was now visiting. From the age of nine, back in 1981, I was a camper—then a staff-member—in Camp Gan Yisroel, in Parksville, NY, a small town off exit 98 on the 17. Only this time around, I came to camp to pick up my 11-year-old son who spent part of his summer here.

It was the last day at camp Gan Israel. It was time to say goodbye.

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