BMD In-Depth Sports Statistics


Parents often wonder how their son is performing in the awesome BMD Sports . The good news is that, that question is no longer valid with the new and improved daily sport statistics brought to you by Sports Directors: Dudi Slapochnik & Levi Rosenfeld. Using the latest technology each league game is carefully monitored and recorded with all the plays carefully documented. At the end of each day all the statistics are carefully typed up and printed for the sports board in the BMD Dining Room.

Below we present you a small glimpse of the latest statistics. Make sure to click continue reading to get the full picture of your son’s statistics and where he stands.

0Standings 30 AV1Roster 28 AV8Basketball 1BOA - 2CITI Stats 28 AV9Basketball 3CHASE - 4WELLS FARGO Stats 28 AV10Basketball 5APPLE BANK - 6HSBC Stats 28 AV11Leaders Basketball Stats 28 AV20Soccer 1BOA - 2CITI Stats 12 0121Soccer 3CHASE - 4WELLS FARGO Stats 12 0122Soccer 5APPLE - 6HSBC Stats 12 0123Leaders Soccer Stats 12 0112Football Team 1BOA - 2CITI Stats 28 av13Football Team 3CHASE - 4WELLS FARGO Stats 28 AV14Football Team 5APPLE BANK - 6HSBC Stats 28 AV15Leaders Football Stats 28 AV16Hockey 1BOA - 2CITI Stats 28 AV17Hockey 3CHASE - 4WELLS FARGO Stats 28 AV18Hockey 5APPLE - 6HSBC Stats 28 AV19Leaders Hockey Stats 28 AV4Baseball 1BOA - 2CITI Stats 28 AV5Baseball 3CHASE - 4WELLS FARGO Stats 28 AV6Baseball 5APPLE - 6HSBC Stats 28 AV7Leaders Baseball Stats 28 AV2Columnist_Page_12Columnist_Page_22Columnist_Page_32Columnist_Page_42Columnist_Page_5

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