Campers Receive Chanukah Edition of CGI Newsletter


Over Chanukah, the children who spent last summer at Camp Gan Yisroel in Parksville, NY were delighted to find a special Chanukah edition of the CGI Newsletter awaiting each of them in their respective mail boxes.

The newsletter featured stories, fun, games and more, but the real highlight was the launch of CGI Parksville’s new and exclusive ‘Elite’ program (see below). Campers now have the opportunity to experience this program during the year while they are at home!

With a reunion in the works, the video on its way and the Elite program in full swing, CGI Parksville seeks to make its campers’ time away from camp almost as exciting as the summer itself.

We present the full newsletter for your convenience and enjoyment: Continue reading “Campers Receive Chanukah Edition of CGI Newsletter”