Gan Yisroel Elite Caps (2nd Trip)

hatsAs The Camp founded by the Rebbe, we constantly strive to reach our maximum potential, to truly affect the way the ‘camp experience’ affects the campers’ lives. Imagine a camp where every single camper works on being a chossid; every single day of the summer is a complete and meaningful one; every camper has a goal and mission; every camper leaves a better Chossid – a better Yid. We envision a camp where each camper is a proud Chossid, striving to be connected to the Rebbe, to be the best he can possibly be. A proud member of the Rebbe’s army.

Based on the huge success of the Gan Yisroel Elite program that debuted in 5773 we are proud to announce the launch of Gan Yisroel Elite 5774. Gan Yisroel Elite is a unique program which has been designed to enhance the camper’s appreciation towards Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit, teaching them what it means to be a Chossid and a camper in The Rebbe’s camp.

• Each week we will focus on 1 Mission/Theme (8 themes throughout the summer)

• Each week campers will participate in a special Farbrengen, connecting with Mashpiim and Shluchim around the Globe.

• Every day after Maariv campers will fill out a Daily Check-list (דו”ח) of their accomplishments (which will be sent to the Rebbe).

• When a camper completes his weekly mission he will receive a beautiful medal corresponding to that week’s theme at a weekly ceremony.The weekly themes that have been set in place, allow staff to stress the importance of the themes as each week progresses. Counselors tell stories; learning teachers give classes, head counselors farbreng on shabbos, each one giving over the message of the weekly theme of camp.

To enhance the ‘Gan Yisroel Elite’ program, we would like each camper to proudly display their mission medals. Special caps have been ordered for this program. Each division of camp will have its own distinct cap color. We are offering this at below cost price for only $5.50. To order please lease select your son’s division and enter his name below.

Please Note: This offer is only for campers who are registered in camp’s regular division (BMD is not included in this program). Additionally the cap will not be shipped. It will be given to your son in Camp (limit one per camper).

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