Campers Head on Grand Trip

Grand Trip 1

The Staff Play of Camp Gan Israel, 5775, was to take place this past Monday night. At least, that’s what

everyone thought. Posters were put up, scenes rehearsed, backdrops painted, but several scenes into

the play, it was revealed to the astonished campers that this was actually an elaborate breakout for the



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CGI Overnight



\ˈbi-və-ˌwak, ˈbiv-ˌwak\


1) A temporary camp or shelter

2) A night in Camp Gan Israel in which campers sing around a campfire, enjoy a barbecue, and

camp out.

N.O.D. and the 4th grade division just returned from their bivouac in the Rebbe’s Forest, and an

amazing time was had by all. Wood was collected, campfires lit, marshmallows roasted,

sleeping bags unfurled, and memories made.

Meanwhile, grades 5 and 6 enjoyed a delicious barbecue in the camp square, followed by a

fascinating story from N.A.D. Shmoozel Leemanov.


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