Message from the Director:

Dear parents,

As we have stated in the previous years, Camp Gan Israel does not allow food /nosh shipments to campers. The kitchen provides ample food for all campers and staff 3 times a day, and for any supplement snacks that one would like we have a canteen and vending machines for the campers to purchase from. Outside food brings multiple problems, one is that we don’t have control on the food consumption and the time that they are eating their snacks, which leads them not to be hungry at mealtime and hence not eating by the meals. Another problem is, unrestricted food in the bunkhouse leads to rodents and other unwanted guests which is obviously not welcomed in the bunk houses. An additional factor is, sending in food packages creates jealousy among campers who are not so fortunate to receive packages, and it’s self-understood that this creates an negative atmosphere.

I Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy summer.

Rabbi Yossie Futerfas