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BMX Bike Show

What an amazing show it was. The bikers set up in the middle of camp and performed an amazing show filled with incredible fears of skill and talent. Continue reading

Day 1

The second month is in full swing as campers settle in to the non-stop schedule of Gan Yisroel. Camp started with the head staff orientation and the division of the bunks, after which they were dismissed to lunch, then to unpack and on to a full day of activities. Continue reading

Grand Banquet!!!( #1)

Wow!! What an amazing month it was, non-stop for 4 weeks straight. From davening and learning, to trips, night activities, and leagues. Continue reading


What an amazing trip it was. It started with the whole BMD charging into the dining room announcing the trip to the rest of camp. The campers packed up for what was about to be the best trip of their life. As luxurious coach buses rolled into camp the campers lined up eagerly as they were assigned their buses by bunk. The buses took us to Massachusetts where we arrived at 6 flags, New England. Continue reading

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