Grand Banquet

As Gan Yisroel came to a close the whole camp partook in a very emotional and inspiring banquet where all the awards of the summer were given out. There was singing and crying as campers and staff reminisced about the amazing times had together this summer. As the banquet came to an end the campers retired to their bunkhouses for the last lights out of Gan Yisroel 5777.

-Boruch Moshe Sherman

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Grand Trip!!!

With camp coming to end, camp embarked on an the grand trip of a lifetime, starting with delicious deli sandwiches served by our very own waiters, after which we made our way to an amazing waterpark. There were many rides and attractions all of different swimming levels and expertise. Campers and staff alike all had a blast. We returned to camp after an exhausting day of fun to get a good nights rest for the last few days of Gan Yisroel.

-Boruch Moshe Sherman


Grand Sing!!!

Color War was ended off with a fantastic grand sing. Worked on the whole day by the dedicated staff of each team were beautiful and intricate props. Whether it was an aircraft carrier- U.S.S. Eved Ne’eman or an interactive chess board with a working drawbridge everything was beautifully done. As the grand sing commenced there was the team songs, alma matters, comedy songs, grammen, tochen speeches, and much much more. The judges were meticulously dressed for the occasion in the fanciest penguin costumes available for purchase. It was a monumental and yet highly enjoyable part of the summer. It was ended off with some meaningful and intense words of Tochen from both generals and lieutenants alike, followed by the presentation of gorgeous banners painted by some very talented staff members depicting the tochen of the team in an artistic manner.                                                              – Boruch Moshe Sherman