Water Slides, Go-Carting, Bumper Boating, and Mini Golf! (NOD-4th Grade Trip)

As the busses took off from a regular moment at CGI,  the day immediately transformed it in to an amazing trip experience.

Upon arriving the campers quickly changed in to their bathing suits and hurried off into the park. There was two unbelievable water slides with giant splashes, in the middle of an awesome mini water park, with bumper boats. On the other side of the park were insane go carts, and the campers played a competitive game of mini golf! Everyone had a wild time with the exciting verity of activities, and we concluded with a delicious BBQ of hotdogs and hamburgers. 

Truly a trip to remember!


CGI’s Got Talent!

What a night!

The show was hosted by our dear night activity directors Zusha Wernick, and Baruch Shpigelman and remarkable counselors Berel Dick and Zalman Rice. Each contestant presented himself on stage with his name, talent, and experience. We had an amazing violinist, who had only been playing for one year and could play a full song to perfection! Next was a genius of a mathematician from our NOD division, and some flexible campers who all put on a phenomenal show! We continued with two magicians, a rubix cube competition and an original chicken dance! Concluding the show was one of our hosts and another counselor who did a daring chugging contest!

Who would’ve known? CGI is quite talented!


Trip Day!!! (Fifth and Sixth Grade Divisions)

What a crazy 2 days!

The sixth grade divisions trip was broken out and were excited for a memorable day at Bounce! On the bus the campers thought they were going to a simple place with trampolines and the like, only to discover a massive indoor bounce park with obstacle courses, trampolines of all sizes, ball pits, and basketball hoops! About halfway through the fun the lights suddenly went out. Confused everyone began yelling only to discover that the entire place was rigged with colorful flashing lights, and glow in the dark pieces all over the room. The music picked up, and the campers had a remarkable experience. But that wasn’t all. Head Counselor Sholom Lobenstein took the Mic and announced that there was going to be an insane basketball competition with the four referees from the bounce park, and two of the other staff. The move, the tricks, the excitement was unforgettable! 

Picture this. A giant room, full of walls sky high, everything climbable. Well, thats what fifth grade division expirienced at this amazing rock climbing park! Each camper was harnessed up and hooked on to these mountainous walls, determined to reach the top. It was all about goals. To reach the top, and to not give up. To try, and succeed, and have a blast wile at it! The trip concluded with an extremely competitive game of Tug of War! First it was only campers and then it was the legendary Staff VS. Campers game! It was a tie game, and loads of fun!

Both trips concluded with a luscious dinner at the pizza store, Maariv, and Kriyas Shema, and about 150 heads that hit their pillows as soon as they went into bed!

All thats to be said is, WHAT A DAY!!!


BMD: Week #1

Wow! Its only a week and it feels like were half way through the summer already!

BMD has been having the time of their lives. Just the first night, they were treated out to an AMAZING game of sock wrestling, and delicious BMD shish kabobs, to enjoy as they watched the game.

After this amazing start, BMD was surprised again as they found out that they would all be getting on a bus to a two part trip. It started off with bowling, where all the BMD bochurim got two games! Then to ice skating, following a delicious pizza lunch,. and finishing with ice cold slurpies to cool themselves down.

The next two days were full of fun. They had sports and different activities, such as swimming, boating, and the other great things we have here on CGI grounds.

They also had a never done before, seder sichos, in which a few bochurim learned with a different staff member a sicha, having light refreshments on the side.

Looking forward to another exciting week in the #legendary BMD.

(BTW We now have an Instagram page for your convenience: @bmd_cgi_ny)

New Week… Even More Fun!

Another fantastic day in Gan Yisroel started off with a energetic Shachris, some amazing learning classes, and some awesome sports! It didn’t matter if it was raining or not the campers still were active outside, as if nothing was wrong! A scrumptious lunch was served as the head counselors excitedly announced the winners to the first weeks Shabbos competition- Mazel Tov Bunk Yud Zayin- they deserved this without no doubt! They then headed to the bowling alley for an unbelievable game of bowling! The rest of the camp had an inspiring rally for Yud Beis Tammuz were they watched a Rebbe video, said Psukim, and sang Nigunim. Another delicious meal in Gan Yisroel was served, and then the campers went right back to the Shul for a memorable game of Brothers for night activity. The crowd was wild as everyone sang the theme song of this years night activity (By now everyone knows it by heart!) and relearned the hilariously shocking truth, that It seems like some brothers don’t know each other as well as they really should…

After Maariv and Kriyas Shema was recited, all we can say now is that tomorrow is gonna be one of a kind.