C.G.I Thursday-Sunday

                 Wow, what an action packed day full of learning, sports and fun activities! The day started off as usual with line up, Shacharis, breakfast and learning classes followed by activities. The activities include baseball, football, soccer, kickball, basketball, hockey, swimming, a game room, survival classes, and computer room. 

                 After activities came snacks, another learning class, then lowering the flag, the last six Pesukim and Mincha. There was a delicious supper of hot dogs and fries, and a special barbecue and a grand dodgeball game for all sixth graders, and a very fun night activity for all.

                 Friday started off as regular with reveille, lineup, Shacharis, breakfast, learning classes, and activities, where there was a grand introduction of leagues, where captains and co captains were chosen, and each team got a different colored cgi cap! After leagues, the campers had time to clean up their bunk houses and prepare for Shabbos, followed by delicious snacks and a Friday special learning class. Then came lineup and Mincha followed by a beautiful Kabolas Shabbos and a delicious Seudah with all the campers joining in for some beautiful Niggunim.

                 Shabbos morning started off with an amazing Chassidus club! Followed by a delicious breakfast and a very loud Shacharis full of Chayus! After the most amazing Shabbos Seudah, there was some time to rest and then some Shabbos activities, including learning classes, Mishnayos Baal Peh and board games. Afterwards came a beautiful Seder Niggunim, Mincha, and Shalosh Seudos. And of course right after Shalosh Seudos came a very entertaining shmaryunky (skit) which had all the campers (and staff) roaring with laughter.

                After Maariv and Havdalah came an announcement for a grand Mivtzah! The names for the Mivtzah were, for 6th grade: basics, 5th grade: 5G, and 4th grade: Connect 4. After all the excitement, 6th grade had leagues, and then extra snacks for BMD to have before the fast.

               Sunday morning, there was a regular schedule until 2:00. At 2:05 there was time to rest and there were videos and board games to pass some time off the fast. At 3:45 there was a grand staff vs campers baseball game! After this amazing game (where the campers won [obviously]) the highlight of the fast was a grand in house entertainment by an incredible mentalist who captured everyone’s undivided attention with his unbelievable illusions and mind readings. Afterwards came Mincha, a video of the Rebbe, maariv, a wholesome meal to break the fast (for those fasting), and after another awesome day, we wish Gan Yisroel “Ah Gutteh Nacht.”   

CGI Day One


                  Boruch Hashem camp took off to an incredible start!! As the campers got on the busses, they found delicious snacks and a drink on their seats for the ride to camp. When they arrived, they were greeted by the excited staff, and then there was orientation and campers were introduced to their counselors. The campers were then given time to unpack, settle in, and get to know their amazing counselor. Following that, the campers were all treated to a scrumptious snack of cookies and milk.

            After that came mincha followed by a delicious supper of chicken and rice and afterwards came an awesome night activity full of singing and fun. Then right before maariv each bunk made their own cheer, then after maariv, the campers were given some more time to finish unpacking and get ready for lights out and then were treated to some chassidishe maases from their counselors.“Ah gutte nacht Gan Yisroel!”

          “Modeh ani l’fanecha…” After waking up after a refreshing night’s sleep, the campers were ready for a fresh exciting day. Starting off with an amazingly chayusdike davening, with each bunk trying to get the most points possible, everyone knew we were in for an amazing day. At breakfast, there was bread, eggs, and a few yummy cereals for the campers to choose from. Then came the speech from the learning directors and the first learning class with their amazing learning teachers.

         Subsequently, the campers enjoyed activities/sports followed by a delicious pizza lunch and more activities. Following activities came more learning classes, then came lowering of the flag and mincha.The highlight of the day was a breathtaking ventriloquist! Then came a grand announcement about mishnayos baal peh followed by maariv, krias shema, and lights out.