Fake Bog War = CGI Rocking Aquatopia!

Today it was going to rain so we all headed into the Shul to watch a video for
the 3rd activity. As we sat there we realized that something was up, the staff
had a certain grin on their faces as the video started. Everyone realized that all
the actors in the video were sta members! The campers watched intently as
the video played, then all of a sudden “BOG WAR!” It was a breakout. Everyone
was so excited, but wait what’s that the head counselor said everyone bring
your bathing suit we are going to Aquatopia! It was a “Fakeout Breakout!”
Everyone headed to their bunks to change and then we got on the buses and
headed out. After the drive we all entered Aquatopia with our counselors and
had an amazing time. The waterslides were stupendous, the lazy river was
Geshmak and the crazy tubes were… crazy. Some campers even learnt how to
surf on the FlowRider surf ride. After letting out all our energy we went on the
buses and headed back to camp to get some shut eye, what an absolutely
awesome day.

Photos by: Mendel Young