CGI 5779 takes off with a blast!!

Boom!! Just like that CGI Parksville 5779 took off.We started the day with our last goodbyes and boarded the bus with unmasked enthusiasm, anticipating our imminent arrival to fun. As the camper emerged from the bus into their new home they were immediately greeted by their excited staff. We gathered in the shul to hear our estemeed head counselors-Avremi Baron, Boruch Ceitlin, and Mendy Plotkin- who explained to us the rules and split the bunks. Following which the campers ran to their bunkhouses to explore and meet new friends.


CGI Announces Head Staff

Camp Gan Israel of Parksville, NY has announced their head staff for the upcoming summer of 5779.

“In what promises to be an extraordinary year, the camp in the Catskills is primed to build on the more than 60 years of experience and tradition, to deliver a carefully crafted camp experience imbued with Chassidishkeit and fun,” directors said.

The head staff are a vital part of putting together an experience of the highest Chassidishe standards, along with the most exhilarating and exciting activities thereby following the Rebbes directive as to what Gan Yisroel should be.

Camp Gan Yisroel Parksville is proud to announce our experienced group of head staff who will be running the exciting programs this summer:

Head Counselors:
Avremi Baron – Columbia, MD
Boruch Ceitlin – Montreal, QC
Mendy Plotkin – Markham, ON

Learning Directors:
Zalman Denburg – Coral Springs, FL
Mendel Gordon – Miami, FL

The highly successful Bar Mitzvah Division will be led by dedicated head staff members:
Sholom Kalmenson – Crown Heights, NY
Tzviki Pruss– London, England
Levi Strocks – Morristown, NJ

The directorship at CGINY Special for the summer of 5779, has built an all new N.O.D. (3rd grade) program. Special activities and trips geared for the young campers are all part of this new program. To lead and give extra attention to the campers in this program, Gan Yisroel hired Mendy Lepkivker of Crown Heights.

These dedicated head staff have spent the past few weeks putting together the most devoted and energetic group of Chassidishe staff.

This group will ensure that the summer of 5779 will be instilled with a Chayus and Geshmak for learning and Chassidishe conduct that will last a lifetime.

The Annual Gan Yisroel Reunion

We are delighted to inform you that the annual Gan Yisroel Parksville reunion will take place on January 17-11 Shevat, in Crown Heights. The reunion is a great opportunity for campers to meet old friends and staff and reminisce the amazing summer they had.

The event will be held at Beis Rivka, 310 Crown Street, from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. The boys will be treated to a milchik supper of pizza, fries and live music followed by a performance from guest entertainer Marc Salem – a world renowned mentalist. Additionally, all those who attend will receive a personal Gan Yisroel souvenir. Please RSVP attendance by email to Rabbi Futerfas. A minimal fee of $10 will be required at the door.

We are sure that this will be a memorable experience for the campers and we look forward to seeing all of them with their great energy and chayus.